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Giay ethnic village

Giay ethnic village - Villages of Ethnics I- Vietnam National Village for Ethnic Culture and Tourism
Giay ethnic village in Vietnam National Village for Ethnic Culture and Tourism has area of 0,21 hectare, including one stilt house, one tract house and one barn.

Tract house of Giay people - Vietnam National Village for Ethnic Culture and Tourism. Photo: ĐK

Giay people live near to water resource field and quite crowded, even there hundreds of family house in a village.
In the past, Giay people always live in stilt houses. However, at present, many Giay people live in tract houses, but they still build a stilt house in front of the tract house to use. It consists of three spaces; altar is placed in the middle space.
For Giay people, living in stilt house or tract house, they still place an altar in the middle space as receive guests. The rooms for couples of husband and wife are in the side spaces, because woman cannot be allowed to stay in the middle space. The kitchen is always put in the side space. For stilt houses, Giay people build high stilt houses that are wide and well-aired.




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