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Phu La ethnic Village

Phu La ethnic Village- Villages of Ethnics I - Vietnam National Village for Ethnic Culture and Tourism
Phu La ethnic Village at Vietnam National Village for Ethnic Culture and Tourism is 0,31ha in area of which construction area is 89,535m2 and has a stilt house and a tract house.

Phu La Ethnic Village- Vietnam National Village for Ethnic Culture and Tourism. Photo: DK

Phu La people usually live on high mountains, each village consists of about 10 households living scatteredly and far from milpa. Phu La people’s house consists of two types of tract house and stilt house. The airy house has few rooms. Doors are placed at both gables. The door of the tract house is often placed in the front of the middle compartment. Beaten-cob wall is essential and bastard masonry is main. In case of building piles, false sets are outside wall. Truss is used in both tract house and stilt house. Types of roof truss of Phu La people are quite simple.
►Tract house: the most simple roof truss has a tricorner roof truss consisting of two trusses, one bound to the top of the wall that has more false sets outside wall different from the other. The behind pile is not bound to the roof truss and there is no connected beams with the wall. The front pile is bound to the fixed top. The outside wall of the roof truss has two piles, one next to the wall and terrace one. Terrace pile only has a beam connected to the inside pile.
Inside house, at the right gable, there is a bed next to the front wall. The left side of bed has a baffle with the middle compartment. There is a kitchen next to the wall. There is a small room next to the behind wall of the middle compartment. There is an altar on the baffle in the front of the room door. There is a bed and a baffle like that in the right gable compartment in the left one. There is a kitchen behind.
►Stilt house: Inside house, the left and right compartments are unoccupied. There is a cabinet in the front of and next to the baffle of the middle compartment and a kitchen in the middle of the house. On the outside floor, there is a rice mortar with manually pestle. The altar is next to the behind baffle and in the left side of the third compartment.




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