The Village - Khu các Làng dân tộc - Xo Đang

Xo Dang Ethnic Village

Xo Dang Ethnic Village, in Village II - The Vietnam National Village for Ethnic Culture and Tourism

Xo Dang communal house in the The Vietnam National Village for Ethnic Culture and Tourism. Photo: TTD

Xo Dang ethnic village is built according to the Xo Dang traditional architecture in Kon Tum.
- The construction area: 2.332m2
- The construction area: 312m2
- The floor area: 450m2

Xo Dang Ethnic people’s house. Photo: TTD

- 01 communal house: construction area: 54m2
- 02 communal houses: total construction area: 100m2
- 02 rice storehouses: total construction area: 12m2
- 02 charnel houses: total construction area: 40m2
- 10 charnel statues.



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