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09:48 | 05/09/2012

H mông community participates in the exchange program at “Village”

31st day and 01st day of September 2010, the Hmong community (Son La) returned to the general house of the 54 ethnic groups of Vietnam to participate in activities at the "Village" and interact with the Tay Nguyen community at Tay Nguyen Square - meaningful special exchange program within the framework "2nd Tay Nguyen Culture days in Hanoi - 2012" (2nd Tay Nguyen Culture days in Hanoi – 2012 is the program with the participation of five Central Highlands provinces of Dak Lak, Dak Nong, Gia Lai, Kon Tum, Lam Dong and People's Committee of Hanoi City, took place from 28/8 - 09/02/2012, at Vietnamese Arts and Culture Exhibition Centre, with ,many contents, rich activities such as show space "Tay Nguyen - traditional cultural character" through images, the collection of artifacts, the exhibition "Painting, status of Tay Nguyen "; exhibition "Tay Nguyen epics","Tay Nguyen Artifacts ", fair introduction to culinary, agricultural products, animal products, handicrafts, tourism products, activities, exchanges, scientific seminars about Tay Nguyen ethnic villages, sightseeing, exchange with communities in Vietnam national Village for Ethnic Culture and Tourism , etc).
Below are some pictures of Hmông community at "Village":

Hmong community receives and adjust their housing space (31/8/2012)

Welcome visitors (31/8/2012)

Flute to cerebrate visitors to the village with "Spring coming to the Hmong village" of two artists Mua A Chinh and Thao Thi Pang

Dancing "Love market" – showing at Tay Nguyen Square (ethic villages) on 01 September

Show folk games of Hmông people, etc

Instruct visitors participate, etc

Invite Co ho people to participate in the games

Young artist of Hmong people introduces Tay Nguyen communities about their special culture, etc.

Grad and happy with the Mnong elders, etc

Take photo with official, staff of Management Board of Vietnam national Village for Ethnic Culture and Tourism and visitors.

 Duc Khoi


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