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21:13 | 24/11/2013

 Inauguration ceremony of Khmer people at “Common House” of Vietnam ethnic groups

(LVH ) - When the Khmer main temple was completed, the Khmer people organized the inauguration ceremony to celebrate and this was a particularly important rite which regularized the main temple in respect of rite. Accordingly, dated 23rd November 2013, Inauguration ceremony was carried out at the Khmer temple complex which was newly built and perfected right on the occasion of celebrating Vietnam Cultural Heritage Day at Vietnam National Village of Ethnic Culture and Tourism (Dong Mo, Son Tay, Hanoi).

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As part of the Great National Solidarity - Vietnam Cultural Heritage Week held at the Vietnam National Village of Ethnic Culture and Tourism, the Inauguration ceremony occurred in the area of Khmer temple complex, Village II with two key contents: social rituals and folk dances of Khmer people. In particular, the festival included the ceremonial of inviting stone pillars into the main hall (Haproteksin), the rite of fixing the position of Biddha statue and inauguration ceremony, offering rice to monks. The festival included the folk performance of Khmer people and exchanged with visitors and other ethnic group.


From early, the main hall was prepared readily 

Before the day of rite, the hall was cleaned and decorated splendid. Buddhist flags, festive flags, banners were arranged beautifully. Inside the main hall, Say ma holes had been already dug to put the Stone pillars. On putting the stone pillars into the holes, good male and religious female would go around these hole and threw things as a symbol of their dreams, who wanted to be rich and threw money into holes, who wanted to be beautiful, threw mirror, comb, powder, lipstick into hole and who wanted to study well, threw pens and books etc.
In terms of rituals, first of all, outside the main hall, Mr. Achar tied each stone pillar at the the middle of each bamboo to facilitate carrying, two people carried a stone pillar starting from the gate of the main hall, went around the main hall three turns, the pillar would be taken into the main hall and put into Say ma holes. 
Then the monks would sit in front of the Buddha Hall to chant, Buddhist sat worshipping Buddha. After the end of the ceremony, monks read Kiet goi grace, Achar performed the ritual of incense, candles on the altar of Buddha, Say ma holes and beat three sounds of Gong and everyone put the pillar into the holes and then drop objects of aspirations in them.
The last rite of the Inauguration ceremony was to offer rice to monks. The monks would receive rice and chanted till the end of ceremony.
The festival with folk performances of the Khmer people at the temple space contributed joys to the ceremony creating an atmosphere of solidarity, cheer, exchanges and mutual understanding among Khmer people with other ethnic communities and visitors at Common house.
Here are some photos:


Monks went to the main hall very early..


The clean and neat space of temple 


Stone pillars and Say ma for the rite 


The stone pillars were wrapped with clothes and placed in front of main hall


The monks started the rite 




 Taking pillars into the main hall ..


 The delegation went around the main hall 


 Buddhist hold flowers to go along the delegation 


 Monks sat and chanted in front of Buddha altar in the main hall 



 After stone pillars were put into the holes, Buddhist put their wishes into the hole while spraying 


 After the inauguration ceremony, the Khmer main temple at the Vietnam National Village of Ethnic Culture and Tourism became the sacred temple of Khmer people in Hanoi 

Hoang Huyen (Photo: H.Huyen - P. Huog - N.Hoa)


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