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01:40 | 24/11/2013

 The cultural beauty of the Ok Om Bok Festival of the Southern Khmer people

(LVH) - On the evening of 23rd November 2013, at Vietnam Cultural Village of Ethnic Culture and Tourism, the Ok Om Bok Festival of the Khmer people occurred with the traditional rituals contributing to the conservation and promotion of the cultural beauty of Southern Khmer people as well as strengthening the solidarity between the ethnic communities in the "Common house".

The Ok Om Bok Festival (known as Moon worship or lantern dropping festival drop) is one of the traditional festivals of the Khmer people. This festival takes place every year on the fifteenth day of the lunar calendar in October. This point is at the end of crop season, people celebrated the moon worship to show their gratitude to the moon - nature gods for helping them in protecting their crops, regulating weather, bringing good and plentiful harvests. 


Mr. Lam Van Khang, the Vice Head of Management Board of Village, the Head of Organization Committee for the Festival Week, gave the speech at the festival 


Giving speech at the ceremony about the significance of the festival, Mr. Lam Van Khang, Vice Head of the Management Board of Village, the Head of the Organization Committee, stressed that the recreation of Ok Om Bok festival at the “Common house" of the 54 ethnic groups was an essential work contributing to preserve and promote the traditional values of national culture and introduce to people and international visitors the characteristics of Khmer culture in particular and Vietnam in general. "


The rituals of Moon worship at the Ok om bok festival


The Ok Om Bok Festival took place according to the traditional rites of the Khmer people. The moon offerings were agricultural products such as nuggets, coconut, taro and fruits. In particular, nugget is seen as a typical offering which was indispensable in the festival. The following was the moon worshipping ritual to express the gratitude to the moon for blessing them peace, good health and abundant crops. Then, the custom of feeding nuggets and bananas (ok om bok) for children and teenagers in the festival. Through the ritual, they have shown their aspirations in front of their parents and grandparents.


The custom of feeding nugget and banana for children and teenagers in the festivals


The Ok om bok festival took place in the jubilant atmosphere and submerged in the flowers and flags, pentatonic music which was bold of festival culture of Khmer people. Joining in the joy of the Khmer people, the delegations, visitors and fellows of other ethnic groups together marched flower in the exuberant joy and excitement which further strengthened the solidarity between the Vietnamese ethnic groups.
The Ok Om Bok festival became even more shimmering when hundreds of floating lights were dropped in Dong Mo Lake to attract viewers.
At the festival, there were also the art program of Khmer people from Tra Vinh, Soc Trang and An Giang provinces with tunes, traditional music and dance. Everybody together danced in the moonlight of the festival creating the atmosphere of solidarity rich of national traditions.
Some images at the Ok om bok Festival:


The acts of Ok om bok festivals




Delegations, people and visitors in the festival


Mr. Nguyen Dai Duc, the Deputy Director of Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism hit drums to open the Ok om bok festival


Recreate Rabbit Bodhisattva in the Moon worshipping ritual


The festival took place in excitement with the line of people marching flowers around Khmer population and Dong Mo Lake



The colorful flower light in Dong Mo Lake 


Increasing the beauty of Khmer temple population 

Nguyen Hoa - Hoang Huyen


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