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10:53 | 02/08/2013

Construction of sanctum in the pagoda area at “Village”

(LVH) – Being the quite special work in comparison with other one in Khmer pagoda, beside the picky outside details on the spirit work of Khmer people. Inside of the sanctum, furniture decoration is simple, and this is the place where Gods have effect on Khmer ethnic group, where Khmer people come to here to pray for happiness and lucky and the best things according to their conception.

<<< Khmer pagoda, one of the important spirit area of “Village"
<<< Building Khmer’s sanctum.
<<< Village for Khmer ethnic group.

Toward the front of the sanctum, House of worship at the right, has 74.16 m2 in area, high of 9.2m, with the special feature of the roof. The roof of House of worship made of wood, and it’s top is roofed by fish scale tiles, consisting of two stratums with different slopes. The top roof is wood edging carving flower and leaves. The flowing shores are decorated by the symbol of Nara snake God. The surface of wall sculpted by reliefs status, the status of Crut bird, Goddess.. The doors system of House of worship made of carved wood with delicate floral motifs


House of worship is built at Khmer village, the area of ethnic village III. Vietnam national village for ethnic culture and tourism. ( photos taken on June 12, 2013


In contrast to the exterior, the house of worship’s interior furniture is quite simple. Besides four round pillars, from plinth to the top are drawn with some details, are the bas-relieve on the wall, and decorated by oil painting. The central space of House is God altar to worship the status of Water God (Anyway), and Land God( Hien-pa-tho-ni) who are two Gods having important role on the lives of Khmer. 

Here are some photos:

The House of worship’s roof made of wood, covered by fish scale tile, consisting of two stratums with different slopes (photo taken on July16, 2013)


 The imagery of Krut mental birth is molded and attached on the outside corner of House. (Photo taken on July 11, 2013)


 The status attracted under the House of worship s roof (photo taken on July 11, 2013)


 The status Chan Quan (Cannibal) is embossed on the both sides of House of worship (photo taken on July 11,2013)


 Inside of House, food of the wall is decorated by some details of fringe (photo taken on June 27,2013)


 Setting up the frame of status in the House of worship – the status of mother land (photo taken on June 12,2013)


 Setting up and building the status of Water God, land mother God in the House of worship (photo taken on June 27,2013)


 Status of Water God and Land mother God are finished the frame (photo taken July 5, 2013)


 Artisan Ly Le is drawing on the wall of House of worship.


 Mr. Son is decorating the pillar inside the House of worship. 

  Article and photo: Hoang Huyen


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