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11:37 | 24/04/2012

Operating Program of the Ba na community from 15 April – 2 May, 2012

Ba na village before the date of Vietnamese ethnic group cultural festival. Photo: DK

► Some information:
- the Ba na artist group came back to join the Vietnamese ethnic group Culture Festival and regular and alternative activities in Cultural – Tourism Village of Vietnamese ethnic groups. They are from Dak Wot village, Ho Moong commune, Sa Thay district, Kon Tum province, including 23 artists, village elders and chiefs.
- Head of group: Nguyen Xuan Truyen - Deputy Director of Kon Tum Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism.
- Duration: from 15 April - 2 May, 2012
► Content of activities restoring Ba na village space
- Introduce all the activities in the indigenous cultural life of the Bahnar:
+ Introduce about the ethnic group of location that the Bahnar residents.
+ Organize production activities, introduce about traditional crafts ...
+ Organize folk art activities and folk games.
- Organize activities: During the daytime: Carpentry (making chicken coop, making barn, repair house...), knitting, weaving, gardening, upland cultivation, folk games ... Evening: Go to lay the trap, put bamboo fish trap; ignored; plug the ... At night: Drink Can wine, tell fairy tales, exchange the experiences on production...
- Introduce to tourists about Bahnar village space with gong performances and the following gong songs:
1. Perform the gong song named as: Welcome visitors to the house (Song to moi truh hnam).
2. Perform the gong song named as: Celebrate new communal house (Po joat).
3. Perform the gong song named as: Celebrate new rice (Sa ba neo).
4. Perform the gong song named as: Celebrate water drops (Et to lang dak).
5. Perform the gong song named as: Celebrate rice into the barn (Et atok ba).
6. Perform the gong song named as: Welcome visitors and see guests off (ho mach to moi; An to moi vi).
7. Dance with Shield to celebrate the victory (Khel).
8. Singing folk song: call for each other to pick wild vegetables (Chan bok bi cơ chi).
9. Singing folk song: Remember the old story (Bat voch đel so).).
10. Singing folk songs: a lull song (Loong oh).
11. Play Ting Ning solo with the content: pounding rice with happiness (So peh ba).
- Restore festivals: buffalo thrusting festival to celebrate the victory (Ro lang kopô)
- Perform traditional crafts (knitting, weaving ...).



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