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06:21 | 07/09/2015

Recreational activities for National Day at the "Common Home" of ethnic people in Vietnam

(LVH) - In the past 05 days (02-06/09/2015), at the Vietnam National Villages for Ethnic Culture and Tourism (Dong Mo, Son Tay, Hanoi), ethnic minorities have come to the "Common Home" to participate in activities of northern highland markets, the program of folk dance and folk games and especially, the first time of the reproduction of some rituals, unique traditional festivals of some ethnic minorities with very few people.

To be held in celebration of National Day 2/9, contributing to express the concern of the Party and State for ethnic minorities in Vietnam and with the gradually organizing regular activities to serve the increasingly high and diversified demand of guests at the "Common Home" - Vietnam National Villages For Ethnic Culture And Tourism, the activities were organized well and effectively to attract people and visitors coming to the "Village".

Together with ethnic minorities celebrate National Day 2/9  

On 02/09/2015, the first time, on the day of the National Day 2/9, "Common Home" of Vietnamese ethnic people celebrated the National Day in the space of northern highland market, Vietnam National Villages for Ethnic Culture and Tourism. Ethnic people of H'mong, Ha Nhi, La Hu, Mang and Si La were in the most beautiful and correct clothing of their nationality with traditional instruments and unique items associated with the life of people from their villages in the "Village", from early morning had eagerly gathered together in the highland market for cultural exchange, folk dance performances, folk games and interaction with the visitors... People and visitors wished each other with a glass of wine, enjoyed the national dishes and held hands to sing for the celebration of National Day.

People flock to go to the highland market for the celebration of National Day

In the first day of opening, the activities in the northern highland market were bustling with about 30 booths for introduction, sale of local typical produces of highlanders such as brocades, instruments, dried produces, wine, bamboo shoots, vermicelli, fresh vegetables and fruits, manipulated ethnic jewelry, ... Besides, there were food booths introducing and selling ethnic dishes such as "thắng cố", "mèn mén", goat meat, 3-color steamed glutinous rice, dried meat hanging upstairs kitchen ... The market activities were continuous and uninterrupted for 05 days (from 02 to 06/09/2015) and received a large volume of visitors, partly meet the needs of visitors to learn about daily life, the unique cultural features of cuisine, traditional crafts, folk song and dancing and games ... of northern ethnic people at the "Common Home".
Also on 2/9, from early morning, H'mong people held rituals for the worship on National Day at the H'mong Village, Ethnic Village Zone I and Vietnam National Villages for Ethnic Culture and Tourism. 
For H'mong people, the National Day of H'mong people in Lai Chau is one of the biggest festivals of the year. As usual, after the success of August Revolution in 1945, on the first and second of September annually, H'mong people are excited for the celebration of National Day. This year, H'mong people with artisans from Lai Chau Province together with ethnic minorities such as Ha Nhi, La Hu, Mang and Si La organized National Day Vietnam National Villages for Ethnic Culture and Tourism. H'mong people organized the worship for National Day to pray and invite the home's ghost and ancestors to "celebrate" the National Day with the meaning of praying for the support from home's ghost and ancestors in order that the house will be stable, the posterity will be healthy and study well, the people's living will be prosperous, happy and united, love and help each other.

Ritual leader and H'mong people performed the rituals of report ancestors on the organization of the National Day

Ethnic people visited Uncle Ho's mausoleum

Not only join in activities at the "Village", in harmony with happy atmosphere of the celebration of National Day of the whole country, towards our beloved Leader in the heart of the people - President Ho Chi Minh, ethnic people of H'mong, Ha Nhi, La Hu, Mang and Si La visited Uncle Ho's mausoleum on 03/09/2015, visited the place that he lived and worked in: Ho Chi Minh relic at the Presidential Palace, house in slilts, fish pond ... and took photos here.

People took photos as a commemoration before Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum

Responding to the National Day, ethnic minorities reproduced their unique rituals and festivals in "Common Home"

In the afternoon on 03/09/2015, at the house space of Mang people, Ethnic Village Zone I, the Festival of entering into new house of Mang people was reproduced truthfully and fully according to the rituals Festival of entering into new house of Mang people from Trung Chai Commune, Nam Nhun District, Lai Chau Province. When coming back their "Village", in the opinion of Mang people, the most important thing in human life is to build a house, get married, have children and develop the family, so although it is big or small, the building a house is very important, when the building completed, in a good morning selected, the family must do the procedures and rituals to enter into new house. In those rituals, the host along with his wife and his children will in turn conduct the rituals of worshiping, driving evil spirits away, praying under ancestors and grandparent dead for the healthy and luckiness. The feast in Festival of entering into new house of Mang people is crowded by host family and visitors. They drink wine, congratulate the host and join in dancing and singing carols of new house and folk songs in daily life and production life.

The host prays to invite their ancestors and grandparents to witness and support the posterity entering into new house with all goodness

In the morning on 04/09/2015, in house space of La Hu people, Ethnic Village Zone I, The worship was reproduced by La Hu people from Huoi Han Mountain Village, Bum To Commune, Muong Te District, Lai Chau Province in "Common Home" of ethnic people of Vietnam, with the meaning of driving evil spirits away, wishing a peaceful and prosperous life for the people. The place chosen was the large ground at the top of the village, the powwow and people prepared and conducted the worship. After the worship, returning the mountain village, people danced and sang happily to congratulate stabile development of the village.

Powwow and people of La Hu village conducted the rituals

In the morning on 05/09/2015, in village space of Ha Nhi people, Ethnic Village Zone I, Ha Nhi people from Huoi Luong Commune, Phong Tho District, Lai Chau Province reproduced the "Giế Khừ Già" Festival, or also known as "cúng cây đu" Festival in rainy season festival, prayed for good weather, good harvest, prosperous family and village, one of the festivals with the unique cultural characters of Ha Nhi people. The worship expresses the desire of offering to the gods on the heaven and under the ground, the souls of ancestors of Ha Nhi people Ha Nhi to support Ha Nhi people to get good harvests, multiplied domestic animals and good health in order that the Rainy season festival in the next year is larger than this year. 

The powwow prayed while swinging

The wedding of Si La people

In the morning on 6/9/2015, in the house space of Si La people, Ethnic Village Zone I, Si La people reproduced the wedding of La Si people from Kan Ho Commune, Muong Te District, Lai Chau Province. The wedding was reproduced in the joyful and bustling atmosphere, groom's family came to bride's house to offer the marriage, then brought the bride going to say goodbye to relatives before entering into the forest to celebrate the festival of joining in bridegroom's family. Returning from the forest, they brought the bride to the groom's house and all rituals on the wedding were held at the groom's house, with the witness of family and relatives and the ritual of reporting to ancestors was held by the powwow. In the traditional rituals of Si La people, the wedding is one of the most important rituals in customs of a human life that has been handed down to today.

Ritual that groom's mother giving bride the bracelet and necklace in wedding

Highland market activities and program of folk singing and dancing and games of ethnic people

Continuously for 5 days (02 - 06/09/2015), ethnic people of H'mong, Ha Nhi, La Hu, Mang and Si La joined in kiosks in the market, sold local products, while organizing programs of folk singing and dancing, introducing and performing some games of ethnic people to interact with visitors like: "tú lu (đánh quay)", 'đánh yến", "đánh pao", "đẩy gậy", swing, Tug of war ... at the front courtyard area of Northern Highland Market. The activities always attracted people and visitors coming to the Highland Market.

Although it is sunny, the highland market welcomed a large number of visitors per day

Ethnic people together with visitors joined music performances 

Be excited and happy in “Xoe” dancing

Music performances

Ethnic people together with visitors played Tug of war 

Tug of war

Ha Nhi People played chicken feather balls and “cu”

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