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02:00 | 22/11/2014

Opening days of “ASEAN great unity - one vision, one character, one community”

(LVH) – In the evening of 21st November, at floating stage 19/4, Vietnam National Villages for Ethnic Culture and Tourism (Dong Mo, Son Tay, Ha Noi) took place the opening program: days of “ASEAN great unity - One vision, one character, one community” with the title “Unity - Partnership - Development”. This activity was hold by Ministry of Culture, Sport and Tourism combined with Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Departments, Ministries and central and local sectors, ASEAN Embassies in Hanoi.

The program was attended by Mr. Pham Binh Minh, Deputy Prime Minister; Mr. Le Luong Minh, Secretary General of Association of Southeast Asian Nations - ASEAN; representatives of Departments, Ministries, sectors, Central Unions; provinces, cities, religious leaders, patriotic personalities, intellectuals, artists, artisans, village elders and village heads representing the community of Vietnamese ethnic groups; ambassadors, representatives of ASEAN countries, representatives of organizations in Hanoi; communications media agencies and visitors.
Opening the program is the ASEAN Flag Raising Ceremony. Comrade Le Luong Minh, Secretary General of ASEAN countries and Ambassadors of ASEAN nations hold the Flag Raising Ceremony.
Then at speaking at the opening program, Deputy Prime Minister Pham Binh Minh affirmed that the days of “ASEAN Great Unity - One vision, one character, one community” is a meaningful activity ahead of ASEAN to form an ASEAN Community in 2015. To build a ASEAN Community in 2015, ASEAN member countries are positively implementing many activities in the three main fields of politics - security, economy and culture - society.


Deputy Prime Minister Pham Binh Minh spoke at the opening program (Photo: HT)

Deputy Prime Minister identified the key to create a present ASEAN is the unity; the current success of ASEAN is the results of the perseverance progress in building trust, consensus as well as responsibility and share of ASEAN member countries. ASEAN takes strong steps to become a Community in 2015. In this new stage of development, a united and close-knit ASEAN in “A vision, a character, a community” is the general message of ASEAN nations sending to international community, of which culture plays an important role turning ASEAN into “a common house” for the community of ASEAN peoples.
Deputy Prime Minister also emphasized: The tradition of national great unity is the precious asset and pride of Vietnam in the international integration. After 19 years of participation in ASEAN, Vietnam has increasingly affirmed its image and position to be an active, positive and responsible member country which is close to and wholeheartedly for ASEAN. Vietnam always desires to have an ASEAN with the unity and effective cooperation to jointly construct peace, stability and prosperity of all regions in general and an ASEAN member nation in particular and for the general benefits of the international community, etc.


The art programs are meticulously built.

And then the art programs are meticulously built with a monumental scale, including sing, dance, music combined with the commentary and pictures of ASEAN countries performed by many artists, actors, students and pupils. All of them create a joyful and united atmosphere to honor the values and outstanding cultures of an ASEAN member country.


Honoring the cultural beauty of ASEAN nations 

The content includes three parts: the theme of the first part “Vietnam - my homeland” presenting Vietnam as a peaceful, beautiful and dynamic developing nation which always desire peace and integration with the world. With a community of 54 ethnic groups, Vietnam is the cradle of the rich and unique culture. Along with beautiful natural scenery, cultural traditions, unique history as well as friendly and hospitable people of Vietnam, Vietnam has become an attractive meeting place for visitors in the world. The theme of the second part “ASEAN song” contributes to introduce the cultural characteristics of the ASEAN countries through sing, dance and perform typical costumes of each country. The last part is “ASEAN house - Unity, Partnership and Development” with the participation of representatives keeping pace with stall dance and the music of ASEAN traditional song.


The opening program: Days of “ASEAN great unity - One vision, one character, one community” was successful

The opening program was successful, contributing to strengthen the unity and mutual understanding among member countries in a “Common House” - ASEAN Community in Vietnam National Villages for Ethnic Culture and Tourism.

Nguyen Hoa (Photo: N.Hoa - Đ.Loan)

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