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23:31 | 16/04/2014

Excellent quintessence of culinary cultures of ethnic groups at the "Village" 

(LVH) - Opening in the afternoon of 15th April, following the chain of activities to celebrate the Cultural Day of Vietnam Ethnic Groups (19th April), on 16th April, at the Vietnam National Village for Ethnic Culture and Tourism, the introduction of culinary culture continued not only to help visitors enjoy the foods but also learn about the origins, processes, materials of some special kinds of ethnic groups’ dishes. Thereby, it honored the cultural values of ethnic cuisine and created the opportunity of exchange and solidarity for ethnic minorities in Vietnam at the "Common house".

Accordingly, at the space of ethnic cuisine introduction, there was a program of performance exchange and introduction of cooking processes Thai people (Son La) and Muong people (Hoa Binh). The traders from 3 regions, North - Central - South and fellows of Muong, H'mong and Thai participated in activities and together sang in the harmony of gongs and the Lam vong dance or Thai dance etc.


Can Tho store with coconut, strawberry, pineapple, dried globefish attracted visitors

Coming to the space of ethnic cuisine introduction, visitors could enjoy the delicious ad unique foods of regions such as ‘Thang co’ dish of Mong people, Hue sweet soup; cakes and fruit of Southern people and many other salty and sweet foods. In particular, visitors were introduced with the origins, process and materials to cook and how to enjoy some kinds of specialty by Thai people such as grilled stream fish, steamed minced meat enveloped in the forest tree leafs, five colored glutinous rice, hamburger, kitchen dried cow, grilled chicken etc with charming and attractive flavor from the traditional dishes of ethnic people. Besides, Muong people introduced their identity dishes such as: Grilled vegetable chop meat, fish, buffalo’s small intestine, grapefruit leaf grilled chop meat, sour bamboo shoots and chicken together with bowls of ginger wines, "can" wine (drinking with pipes) spreading the fragrance in the warm atmosphere; ethnic fellows and visitor sat around to talk and enjoy the ethnic specialties.


MMuong people introduced their identity dishes 

As planned, the space of ethnic cuisines would continue until 20th April. This was the opportunity for visitors to learn about the traditional culture of ethnic groups from three regions South-Central-North, was the place to buy, sell and exchange goods and meet each other by which represented the vivid picture of Vietnam ethnic cuisines. At the same, this activity contributed to the advertisement and introduction of Vietnam National Village for Ethnic Culture and Tourism to visitors at home and abroad.

Followings are some photos:


Visitors were excited with handicraft products of Southern people 


.... enjoy foods at the store 


Act of performance of Thai people 


Muong people introduced the origin, process and materials for traditional dishes 


Visitors and fellows enjoyed the specialties of Thai people 


... passionate with Lam vong dance 


Fpresent ellows and visitors handed in hand to the unity of Vietnam ethnic groups

Pham Huong – Thuy Nga

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