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15:49 | 17/04/2014

Workshop Building Scheme of annual event organization at the "Village" in the period of 2015-2020

(LVH) - Accordingly, the workshop was held this morning, 17th April 2014, at the Headquarter of Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism with the participation of delegates as managers, teachers, doctors, the scientists, research experts in various fields to exchange, comment, complement, enrich the contents of events held annually at the Vietnam National Village for Ethnic Culture and Tourism. Deputy Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism, the Head of Steering Committee, Mr. Ho Anh Tuan chaired the workshop.


The view of workshop 

This was one of the practical activities organized on the occasion of 5 year- implementation of the Decision No.1668/QĐ-TTg dated 17th November /2008 of the Government on the Cultural Day of Vietnam Ethnic Group (19th April 2009 – 19th April 2014).


Deputy Minister of Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, the Head of Steering Board, Mr. Ho Anh Tuan gave speech at the Workshop. 

Giving speech at the opening of workshop, Deputy Minister Ho Anh Tuan affirmed the significance and importance of the workshop and expressed his desire for the feedback of delegates about the contents of the Scheme so that the activities of the coming years of the "Village" would really bring much more benefits, have more practical significance and overcome a few shortcomings in the organization of activities in the "Village" in the recently, at the same time, correct, supplement, enrich the contents of the Scheme in order to the organization activities of events in the "Village" in the next time would become more intensive, planned, systematic and gradually become a national centre of cultural, sport and tourism activities as well as the friendly and attractive destination of tourists at home and abroad.
Speaking at the Workshop, most of delegates agreed with the draft scheme, however, there were many issues to be studied, supplemented, expanded more specifically and special attention should be paid to the issue of orientation of activity contents, some specific principles in the manner and form of organizations, the issue of tourism culture development and actual tour programs at the Village etc.
Reporting the Scheme contents, Mr Lam Van Khang, Deputy Head of the Management Board of Village, the Head of Organization Committee stated: the Scheme of annual event organization at the Village in the period of 2015-2020 included 3 key issues that were the status and results of organization activities and events in the "Village" in the past 5 years (2010-2014); the central themes and contents of the activities and events held at the "Village" in the period of 2015-2020 and the method of organization and implementation.
The Scheme also specified the measures of contents, ideas and forms of event organization in the period of 2015-2020, mainly closely following the activities introduced by cultural subjects while it also required new ideas more rich and attractive. Regarding the orientation of topics and the main contents, they should closely follow the solutions and criteria stated in the Scheme including the ideas, meanings and purposes of 3 annual events that were " Spring all over the country", "Vietnam Cultural Identity" and the Week of ‘National Ethnic solidarity – Vietnam Cultural Heritage ". Accordingly, the Scheme proposed the specific details of contents, time, places, forms and method of organization and implementation of events etc.
Agreeing with the Scheme contents, Dr. Ha Van Sieu, the Director of Institute for Tourism Research and Development stressed that the scheme of annual event organization at the "Village" had a decisive significance of the vitality, attractiveness and attraction to tourists to "Village", therefore, the investment in cultural space clusters at Village required enormous resources, not only focus on the physical elements... Especially, it needed the intensive investment for the intangible factors in order to gradually create the sacredness of "Village".

Emphasizing the promotion of the community role in the organization of events held at "Village", especially in the period of 2015-2020, Dr. Bui Hoai Son, Deputy Director of the National Institute of Arts and Culture of Vietnam said that it should be noted to some basic issues such as the community participation in the discussion, making plans and event organization; the community should be allowed to participate in the process of evaluating the effectiveness of events and benefit from the events. To do this, the mobilization of community should pay attention to the following issues: placing the community in the context of their own culture and society, paying more attention to artisans, prestigious persons, the village elders and chiefs and respect for the creativity of communities in organizing such events. Thus, the annual events could be held sustainably.
Paying special attention to the issue of principles in organizing cultural events at the "Village", Dr. Tran Huu Son, Director of Lao Cai Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism said that the practice showed the necessity of researches and special attention to the contents, forms of organization, structure and systematism of the events: what topic to be chosen, what was the taste of viewers, what were the appropriate and effective spaces and locations to organize the cultural activities at the "Village" etc.

Regarding the issue of linkage and tourism development in the "Village", some participants said that the scheme should be built into the script for each event held in 5 years and split by each year in the direction of gradually suggestion and it also needed the coordination, participation and support of the tourism industry by which created cultural-tourism products attracting visitors to the Village. On this point, Mr. Do Dinh Cuong, Director of Vietnam Tourism Manpower Supply JSC believed that the focus on indoor and outdoor activities for visitors such as camping, picnicking and exchanges at the "Village" would certainly make this destination more meaningful, attractive and vibrant. Sharing this point of view, Mrs. Dinh Thi Van Chi, Vice Rector of Hanoi University of Culture said that there should be coordination among universities whose students visited and participated in practical activities at the "Village". This also helped to train young people to preserve the national cultural identity and join hands with community to blow soul into cultural space of fellows at the Village.

Prof. To Ngoc Thanh, the Chairman of the Vietnam Folk Arts Association said that in the issue of culture - tourism, it should be noted that not all cultural products would be brought into tourism and that methods of organizations should avoid the situation of turning the activities of ethnic groups into "stage", especially the activities held at the "Village" because that was the place for ethnic people to introduce their life, people and culture. The event held at the "Village" was to create an environment for ethnic group to exchange, share, learn more about each other and become more united.


Prof. To Ngoc Thanh, the Chairman of Vietnam Folk Arts Association gave speech at the Workshop 

At the end of the Workshop, Deputy Minister Ho Anh Tuan expressed the gratitude to all frank comments and exchanges of the participants and suggested that the Management Board of the Village should acquire, edit and supplement comments on the Scheme. Deputy Minister Ho Anh Tuan also emphasized that in the current context of the "Village" as well as the period of 2015-2020, the first priority should be focused on continuing to build and perfect the area of Ethnic group village – the soul of "Village", completing the infrastructure and landscapes of the Village along with the organization of cultural events and activities bringing ethnic people back to their "Village" in the Capital, by which facilitated the enhancement of communication, exchange, mutual understanding and strengthening the National Great Solidarity of Vietnam. In the local exploitation issue, Cultural Village would try to better organize annual event and cultural activities and take first steps to associate cultural activities with tourism and strive to turn the "Village" into the national centre of cultural, tourism and sport activities where promoted and conserved the cultural values and build "Village" actually into the "Common House" of Vietnam ethnic communities.

Hoang Huyen (Photo: H.Yen)

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