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10:02 | 16/04/2014

Opening ceremony of the culinary culture introduction space of ethnic groups

(LVH) – On 15th April, at the Vietnam National Village for Ethic Culture and Tourism, occurred the opening ceremony of culinary culture introduction space of ethnic groups (15 - 20/4/2014). This was one of practical and unique activities to celebrate the Cultural day of Vietnam Ethnic Group (19/4), at the same time it contributed to the wide advertisement of culinary cultural essences of ethnic groups from regions across the county to visitors and people from all over the world.

Attending the opening ceremony was: Mr. Lam Van Khang, Deputy Head of Management Board of Village, Head of Organization Committee; Mr. Le Minh Son, Deputy Director of Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Can Tho City; Mrs. Toan Thi Huong, the member of Organization Committee; Monk Thich Minh Thong, Acting chairman of Duc Hoa Pagoda – Soc Son, Hanoi; Monk Thich Phap Tai, the Chairman of Po Thi Wong pagoda (Ho Chi Minh City); Mr. Tran On, Management Board of Cos Don pagoda in Bac Lieu province, together with the participation of enterprises in Hanoi, the representatives from provinces and cities of three regions; reporters, media and numerous people and visitors.

Mr. Lam Van Khang, Deputy Head of Management Board of Village, Head of Organization Committee gave speech at the opening ceremony of culinary culture introduction space

In the speech, Mr. Lam Van Khang emphasized that this was a practical activity to celebrate the Cultural Day of Vietnam Ethnic Group in 2014. Through this activity, the Organization Committee wished to respect the culinary cultural values of Vietnam Ethnic groups as well as create the opportunity of exchange and unity among the ethnic groups at “Common house” – Village.

Attendees in the opening ceremony 

Attending the introduction of culinary culture space of Vietnam ethnic groups 2014 at the Village included the units and collectives from three regions of the countries – North, South and Central with 24 stores to introduce over 50 dishes and about 20 kinds of wine, drinks and over 30 kinds of cakes from ethnic groups.

"Thang co" dish of Mong people 

At the “Common house” of Vietnam ethnic groups at the heart of Hanoi Captial, people and tourists to the culinary space would enjoyed the delicious and unique dishes characterizing each regions such as “thang co” dish of Mong people, Muong people’s dish of buffalo’s small intestine; five color steamed glutinous rice, humbugger, grilled stream fish of Thai people; 10 Hue sweet soup; noodle, ginger cake, pineapple cakes of Khmer people in Soc Trang; Chinese kinds of cakes: beet cakes, noodles and kinds of Can Tho fruits such as Ha Chau mulberry, mango, coconut and many salty and sweet foods. Especially, visitors would be satisfied with dishes cooked and introduced here because they were made by ethnic artisans and fellows from localities.

A performance of Thai people in the ceremony 

For the first time, in 2014, Vietnam National Village for Ethnic Culture and Tourism organized and introduced the culinary cultures of Vietnam ethnic groups. This activity promised to bring several excited experiences to visitors by enjoying the dishes and exchanging the beauties of culinary cultures of ethnic groups as well as exchanging with ethnic communities in the Common House, by which enhanced the mutual knowledge to contribute to the preservation and promotion of the culinary culture essences of Vietnam ethnic groups.

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