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20:04 | 13/04/2014

The preparation of Chôl Chnăm Thmây Tet Festival of Southern Khmer people in "Common house"

(LVH) - For the first time in the Khmer temple population, Vietnam National Village for Ethnic Culture and Tourism (Dong Mo, Son Tay, Hanoi), Chôl Chnăm Thmây Tet Festival of Southern Khmer people will be held in accordance with the customs and beliefs of Southern Khmer Buddhism.

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This is one of the main activities on the occasion of 5 years implementing the Decision No 1668/QD-TTg dated 17th November 2008 of the Prime Minister on “the Cultural Day of Vietnamese Ethnic Groups (19/4/ 2009 -19/4/2014 ) at the Vietnam National Village for Ethnic Culture and Tourism from 15th to 20th April 2014.

Chôl Chnăm Thmây Tet means the celebration of a New Year like Lunar New Year of King people with the hope that New Year will bring good lucks. Festival is held in three days, from 14th to 16th April of Solar Calendar (the leap year has additional date of 13th April).
The first day (14th April): implement the ceremony of greeting Great calendar and four great heavenly kings; the worshiping ceremony of three refuges and monks chanting for peace. Following is banking a sand mountain; Ritual of greeting and worshipping the gods in New Year; Monks chant for peace.
The second day (15th April): kowtow three refuges; Ritual of bathing Buddhist; Place the bowls of monks; Monks meal; Monks pray.
The third day (16th April): The monks chant and bless for peace as well as pray for the deceased souls in the Central Chamber of Khmer temples.
Today, dated 13th April, in the preparation atmosphere for Tet festival, the Theravada Buddhist monks and 02 Acha, monks and nuns, Theravada Buddhists and tourists came to engage and prepare for Tet festival in Khmer temple population. The kind-hearted Buddhists decorated the space of temple and prepared the offerings including incenses, fruits etc. Then, perform the worshipping ceremony of three refuges, monk bowl placing ceremony and monks chant and pray for the soul peace in Sa la, Khmer temple population.

Monks and Buddhists prayed for the peace in Sala, Khmer temple population

Besides the preparatory activities of Chôl Chnăm Thmây Tet, the space to introduce the Vietnam culinary cultures was designed with bold traditional materials like bamboo, leaves and was divided into 03 areas: the area to introduce the Northern, Central and Southern culinary cultures. This activity will be held from 15th to 20th April 2014 at the front Yard of Exhibition House, Village III.

The activities promise to attract tourists all over the world to the "Common house” to learn about the cultural characteristics of Southern Khmer Tet festival on the occasion of Traditional Lunar Tet holiday and enjoy the culinary cultures of Vietnam ethnic groups.


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