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20:19 | 20/11/2013

 Opening the Northern Highland Market and Southern Floating Market

(LVH) - This morning, on 20th November 2013, at Village I, Vietnam Culture Village of Ethnic Culture and Tourism, the Opening ceremony of the Northern highland market and Southern Floating Market. This is one of the prominent activists of the “Great National Solidarity - Vietnam Cultural Heritage Week".

The ceremony was attended by Mr. Duong Quoc Xuan, the Deputy Head of the Southwest Steering Committee, the member of Steering Committee of the Week; Mr. Lam Van Khang, Deputy Head of the Management Board of the Village, the Head of the Organization Board, Mr. Le Minh Son, Deputy Director, Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism. Mr. Tho Truong Dinh Anh, Deputy Director of Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Quang Tri, Mr. Do Ha Long, Deputy Director of the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Lai Chau province, Ms. Nguyen Hong Van, Deputy Director of Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Cao Bang province, Mr. Nguyen Dai Duc, Deputy Director of the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Tra Vinh province, Mr. Le Thanh Phong, Deputy chairman of the Tourism Association of the Mekong Delta; the Team Leader comrade and 16 ethnic communities, the majority of the people, tourists and the media reporter.
To be held from 20 - 24/11/2013, Highland market and Floating Market were vividly recreated the market space of the northern and Southwest people where people bought and sold, exchanged and met, took cultural activities with diverse paintings and rich in culture products of ethnic groups.


Mr. Duong Quoc Xuna, Deputy Head of Southwest Steering Board, gave speech at the opening ceremony

In his opening speech, Mr. Duong Quoc Xuan, Deputy Head of the Southwest Steering Committee, the member of Steering Committee of the Week confirmed that Highland market was held in the village several times, with tens of thousands of tourists to visit, buy products and enjoy the foods and folk games and cultures. Thus, the name "Highland market in the heart of Hanoi" had gradually become more familiar to tourists in the capital recently.
In the framework of the Week’s activities, the Northern Highland market was organized with the participation of four ethnic communities from five Northern provinces: Hmong (Ha Giang, Son La), Tay (Cao Bang), Lu (Lai Chau), and Thai (Son La). Market visitors would find the specialty, products such as brocade kinds, furniture, fresh foods such as vegetables, fruits, traditional medicine. Introduction and selling the typical foods such as Thang co, Chao cake and bamboo rice etc. Also, visitors could also find the familiar products such as the corn wine and 5-colorful sticky rice here.


The store of brocade of Lu people (Lai Chau)

Mr. Duong Quoc Xuan also stressed that Sothern Floating Market was reproduced not only the activities of selling and buying goods but also introduced the unique culture and traditions of people in the Southwest region. Here, many boats had converged to buy and sell fruit, vegetables and household items. Coming to Southern Floating Market, visitors would be engaged in direct experience in the Southern floating market space on the boat and enjoy the affectionate shanty.
Then, the representatives from Can Tho City together with Organization Board reappeared the Southern floating market in Common House - Artist Nham Hung had expressed joy and excitement in participating in recreating the space of Southern Floating Market in the heart of the capital and meeting with ethnic minorities at "Common house". He shared that recreation of floating market space with many practical activities would bring funs and interesting things to ethnic people as well as visitors.
At the end of opening ceremony, artist Thao Thi Chua from Hmong people expressed the deep gratitude to the concern of the Party and State to ethnic minorities and having created conditions for ethnic groups to introduce their traditional culture, through which the cultural exchanges between peoples became even more attached.


Busy selling and buying at Southern Floating Market

After the opening ceremony, the Northern Highland market and Southern Floating Market officially began, the image of Thang co steaming pot of ethnic Hmong, the images of busy purchase and tourists gathering around the wine cup to listen to the songs, the group of tourists playing with ethnic peoples all made the space characterized with the South River and a unique feature of the highland market and an exciting destination of tourists.
The Highland market and Floating market would last to the end 24th November. This was a valuable opportunity for visitors to have the opportunity to experience the interesting activities here, not just "going to market" but also enjoying the space of market and understand more about the lives of ethnic minorities, thereby, contribute jointly to preserve the value of cultural identity of Vietnamese people.
Some imges of Floating market and Highland market:


The act of art exchange of Khmer people to welcome the opening ceremony


The Central Highland people enjoyed the traditional costume of H'mong people


Foreign tourists in the costumes of Lu People 


The space of Sothern Floating Market on Dong Mo lake


The items of daily activities were displayed for sale here


The water coconut and the service of cutting hair


... and creating picture. All occurred vividly

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