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10:11 | 20/11/2013

 Opening the Traditional culture exhibition of Vietnamese ethnic groups, trade village, Hanoi eating and drinking and introduction of Kite heritage

(LVH) - In the morning of 19th November, at the Exhibition House of Village IIII, Vietnam Cultural Village of Ethnic Culture and Tourism, the Opening ceremony of Exhibition to introduce Tradition culture of Vietnam ethnic groups, Trade villages, Hanoi eating and drinking and Kite Heritage occurred. Accordingly, the Exhibition would occur from 19th November to the end of 24th November.

The ceremony was attended by: Mr. Lam Van Khang, Vice Head of Management Board of Vietnam Cultural Village, the Member of Steering Board, the Head of Organization Board of the Week; Ms. Son Thi Anh Hong, Vice chairman of People’s Committee of Tra Vinh province; the representatives of Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Kon Tum, Quang Tri, Tra Vinh province etc; Ms Nguyen Thi Ngan, the Director of Vietnam Museum of Ethnic cultures; Venerable Chao Pờ Ro, the nun of hom ma ni mit; the member of Organization Board, the representative of Organization unit and community of Khmer, Lu, Tay ethnic groups participating in the activities at the Village and other visitors and tourists.


The view of Opening ceremony of Exhibition to introduce the traditional culture of Vietnamese ethnic groups

The Exhibition of "Traditional culture of Vietnamese ethnic groups” was executed by the Management Board of the Village in coordination with Vietnam Museum of Ethnic Cultures, three provinces Tra Vinh, Soc Trang, An Giang and fashion designers Huong Lan (Hanoi). Being recognized as a meaningful activity of the "Great National Solidarity - Vietnam Cultural Heritage Week", the Exhibition brought to people, tourists the images of traditional ethnic cultures with the 42, 50 textiles, embroidery, costumes from the traditional to current costumes; 200 unique artifacts of Khmer culture. In particular, the Exhibition also introduced the process of construction of temples in Khmer temple population at the Village.


The act of "Dragon dance " of Khmer people (An Giang)

Giving speech at the Opening ceremony, Ms. Nguyen Thi Ngan, the director of the Vietnam Museum of Ethnic Culture emphasized that "Although the design, pattern and decoration on every costume manifested in their own way, they all showed that conception of world view and human views of ancient Orient: Sky - Earth - Human condescended and conveyed the soul, creativity, cultural identity and age. The costume wearers did not create physical beauty but also conveyed cultural history: circles, spirals, coins, flowers, eight wings, square were the symbol of heaven and earth, plants, birds for everything; Phan words brought good luck; dog legs and buffalo tooth showed the origin of ethnic groups; Pieu (Thai) scarf hor Hong Khoan Pha (San Diu) scarf represented the feelings of love and conjugal fidelity. The identify of traditional values in each costume, the designers and manufacturers as well as each of us would inherit the styles and cultural values expressed in each pattern, which created the new design and the eternal source of conservation and promotion of the nation's cultural heritage, strengthening the solidarity of the Vietnamese people". 


The view of Hmong costume introduction 

At the same time, within the framework of Great National Solidarity - Vietnam Cultural Heritage Week, the Opening ceremony of Exhibition introduced "Trade villages and Hanoi eating and drinking" occurred in the front yard of Exhibition House, Village III. Here, visitors had been introduced about the origin, process and materials to produce the Hanoi traditional products such as Ha Dong silk, Bat Trang ceramics etc and enjoyed the Hanoi traditional dishes such as Thanh Tri roll cake, Uoc Le pork pies, Hanoi Pho etc.


The space for introducing the "Trade villages and Hanoi eating and drinking"



The store of Uoc Le pork pies

Simultaneously with the exhibition activities in Zone III, the space for introducing " Traditional Kite Heritage of Vietnam” was also opened to start the program “Kites in Vietnamese cultural life" which took place throughout the days of Great National Solidarity - Vietnam Cultural Heritage Week from 19/11 to 23/11. At the opening ceremony, Mr. Do Van Tru, Deputy Chairman cum General Secretary of the Vietnam Cultural Heritage Association stressed that Kites players and makers would like to send to the community the message that the culture of kite play should be recognized and evaluated as a unique cultural heritage of the nation which needed the protection and promotion because the culture of kite play contributed to enrich the spiritual life of society, company with the country during the process of building and developing an innovative Vietnamese culture Vietnam imbued with national identity "...
The space for introducing the Kite cultural heritage will bring to the public the key features of the history of production, hobby held on 20th November promised an attractive event to visitors and kite and art lovers.


The opening ceremony of introducing the Traditional Kite of Vietnam

The Exhibition introduced the materials, artifacts, Kites of different regions in the country and some countries in the region, the cultural beauty of Kites bold in traditional folk and expressing the creativity, skills and desires of Vietnamese. The public attending the week's activities would enjoy the performances of kite artists from 12 clubs under 10 provinces and cities in the country.


After the opening ceremony of Kite flying in Dong Mo sky

Exhibition activities, the introduction of trade villages, Hanoi eating and drinking and Kite cultural heritage at Village III, Vietnam Cultural Village of Ethnic Culture and Tourism Vietnam were a valuable opportunity for visitors and tourists to get a deeper understanding of the culture and traditions of the Vietnamese people.

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