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16:46 | 28/04/2013

The beauty of Culinary Culture in Tay Bac

(LVH) – Today, on April 28, in Vietnam National Village for Ethnic Culture and Tourism, the northern highland fair presented the highland cultural space with many unique activities in which is the culinary culture in Tay Bac that affirmed the attractions of the space with the separate culture of the ethnic groups in Tay Bac.

The northern highland fair – the attractions of the tourists

In Tay Bac Culinary Culture, the tourists are introduced the origin, process and ingredients to process and enjoy some unique dishes such as day cake and “thang co” of H’mong ethnic group, purple sticky rice (Khau cam), grilled fish (Pa Pinh top) of Thai ethnic group with moreish favour of traditional dishes spreading in the space. Purple sticky rice is processed to sticky rice with the typical purple; the fishes are grilled; day cake is ground by hand. Especially, the pan of “thang co” boiled and smoked along with the corn wine brewed from forest leaves. All people gather to chat together and enjoy the delicious dishes.


 Grinding day cakes is always performed by healthy youths and men

 Coming to the current highland fair, tourists not only enjoy many delicious dishes, but they also express the cultural space of the ethnic groups at fairs with the activities of the folk songs such as dance, “nem con”, “sap dance”, “xoe dance” and etc.


 Thai girls are beautiful in fan dance

The northern highland fair is an attractive place, bringing the exciting experiences to tourists who visit Vietnam National Village for Ethnic Culture and Tourism. The occasion not only introduces the unique cultural characteristics to international tourists, but also publicizes the destinations of the Common house: Vietnam National Village for Ethnic Culture and Tourism.
Some pictures of the Culinary Culture in Tay Bac:


 Day cakes ground by hand attract many tourists



 Completing the grinding process of day cakes



 Thai ethnic group introduces the grilled fish and purple sticky rice



 Tourists enjoy the dishes of grilled fish and purple sticky rice



 The cultural beauty of the highland fair



 The ethnic communities and tourists in the traditional xoe dance

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