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10:17 | 21/02/2013

Representing Gau Tao Festival of H’mong people in Ha Giang at Culture – Tourism Village of Vietnamese ethnic minorities.

(LVH) – In the afternoon of February 20, 2013, in the framework of the festival “Spring Colors in every Part of Fatherland” at Culture – Tourism Village of Vietnamese ethnic minorities, H’mong Artisans in Ha Giang represented Gau Tao Festival “Spring Mountain Tour”.

Gau Tao, according to H’mong language, means “Playing Spring Mountain Festival” is the biggest and most crowded festival.
“Gau Tao” means worshipping heaven and earth, earth god given hosts to maintain healthy offspring, son to continue family lineage to take care of ancestors; blessing, fortune for villagers to celebrate thanksgiving heaven, earth, mountain and river to give fortune, children’s education, successful work and full harvests with corn and rice filled the floor, cattle, cages filled.
This is an opportunity to meet people, comfortably play and talent contests such as: charming folk song and folk dance…getting ready for a more successful year.
The festival takes place from january 3rd to 15th annual lunar year.
Starting with Neu set up ceremony. The socerer and family or representative organizing the festival will start to set up Neu tree (high decorated ochna with human forms and many patterns around in green, red, purple, yellow) to inform people to attend the festival.
After the color string is spread around the Neu tree and when the master of the ceremony sings the song of setting up the ceremony, the ceremony began with playing, singing, talent contest. In addition to traditional games like hitting oats, horse racing, crossbow, cockfighting, column climbing, mountain climbing, push sticks,… there are artistic games such as bullhorn dance, flute, response singing…
After 3 – 5 days when all the leaves on Neu tree fall down, it is time for people to celebrate Thanking Neu Tree and end the festival.
Some pictures representing Gau Tao festival at Culture – Tourism Village of Vietnamese ethnic minorities:

 Neu tree and material plate to kowtow


 After deciding the point to plug the tree and receiving invitation of the host, the sorcerer starts to beg gods to allow set up Neu tree



 Neu tree has been set up



 Bullhorn to set up Neu tree



 Host pours wine



 bullhorn dance and foot kicking…



 string climbing



 hitting oats,… take place happily with enthusiastic participation of E De, Pa Then people



 at the end of the festival, the socerer gives thanks to Neu tree…



  And asks for pulling down the tree, ending the festival and see again in the next spring

Anh Ngoc

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