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10:00 | 21/02/2013

New Year Festival of ethnic group Laos

(LVH) - On February 20th, 2013, in the framework of the festival “Spring colors on every part of the Fatherland” at Culture-Tourism Village of Vietnamese ethnic minorities, New Year Festival of ethnic group Laos took place with traditional rituals, expressing the unique beauty of the ethnic group Laos in our country.

According to Laos’ customs, traditional Tet is held in April each year. Today, in cheerful, exciting atmosphere, ethnic group Laos (Muong Va village, Muong Va, Sop Cop District, Son La province) simulates the their New Year celebration in Common House” of 54 ethnic communities in Vietnam.

 Laos girls prepare costumes to welcome New Year 

In the early days of the new year, fellow guests of Muong, E De and many visitors came and greeted Tet with Laos people. Everyone was welcomed from the top of the stairs and sat around five fruits tray with dishes laid out. Guests were all offered to lift the cup and tie the wrist with the meaning of tightening feeling between host and guests, and wish good luck, healthy life.

 Raise cups 

According to traditional etiquette for Tet, the Laos host made "splashing", host simply spray water onto guests’ hair to pray for water, the lives grow, sprouting and buds emerge.

 Laos host spray water on guests’ hair 

After the sacred seconds, the fellows of ethnic groups Laos, Muong, E De and visitors sing alongto happy New Year, melting with the traditional dance of Laos.

 Laos girl invites fellows and visitors to join New Year’s dance of her ethnic group



New Year celebration is the cultural beauty of ethnic group Laos to have a good start, success of a New Year. The Festival also contributes to enriching the activities in the Festival Day “Spring Colors in every Part of Fatherland” and tightening the solidarity of brothers in ethnic communities in “Common House” of 54 ethnic groups of Vietnam

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