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09:26 | 19/02/2013

Representing the bride – picking up ceremony in the wedding ceremony of Red Dao people at “Village”

(LVH) – On the morning of February 19th, 2013 (ie. On January 10th, year of Quy Ty), at the Village I, Culture – Tourism Village of Vietnamese ethnic minorities, Red Dao people from Tuyen Quang represented bride – picking up ceremony in their wedding ceremony. This is one the outstanding performances in the Festival “Spring Colors in every Part of Fatherland” taking place at the “Village”.

The bride Ban Thi Kieu and the groom Phan Anh Dung from Phu Luu commune, Ham Yen District, Tuyen Quang Province were the main characters of this ceremony.

Bride-picking up in Red Dao’ wedding ceremony is represented through many rituals. Firstly, a group of people from groom’s family came to bride’s family to ask for bride. Leading the group is a music band with typical instruments consists of trumpets, drums, gongs, cymbals are vibrant medley, boisterously with wedding songs.

Groups from groom’s family get to the bride’s 

Reaching to the bride’s gate, representative of groom’s told bringing enough offerings and would like to pick up the bride. The bride’s agree and instructe the bride and the groom. According to tradition, the groom does not go, is not allowed to see the bride until the ceremony has been done. The Dao say that is to avoid risks, the new bride and groom can be happy for hundred years.

The procession return groom’s 

When the procession return, they cannot come get into home immediately but wait for good time, waiting for the witchdoctor to report to ancestors. During the ceremony, matchmakers of the two sides reponse-sing to command the bride when becoming the girl-in-law.

Matchmakers of bride’s and groom’s response-sing 

When the witchdoctor inform to the groom’s ancestor, the bride officially become the family decendants. Bride and groom bow down infront of the altar of ancestors to receive drinks and silver jewelry donated by his parents. The young coupple are tightened with a silk string symbolizing the love connection for happiness lasting for hundred years. Now, matchmakers will open the bridal veil.

Witchdoctor invited bride and groom a cup of wine


Matchmaker open the bridal veil 

Excerpt in bride-picking up in the wedding ceremony of Red Dao closed, but its impression of rustic and cozy would stay forever in visitors’ minds

Bride and groom are happy in their wedding 

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