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16:46 | 10/04/2016

 Promote Vietnamese cultural values ​​in business

(LVH) - Dialogue on "Promoting Vietnamese cultural values ​​in business", first hold at the Culture- Tourism Village of Vietnamese Ethnic Groups (Dong Mo - Son Tay – Hanoi, will take place on April 16th 2016). 


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 This event is in a series of activities to celebrate Vietnamese ethnic culture day (April 19th), organized by the Vietnam association of culture and enterprise development corporate with the management board of the Culture- Tourism Village of Vietnamese Ethnic Groups.


This dialogue is hoped to build the culture identity in business with the aim to develop sustainable and long-term businesses which is based on the combination between the business development and human development progress. Moreover, it is necessary to achieve the goal in harmony with the national identity, the culture of each different domain, promoting creativity and the contribution to enrich the Vietnamese cultural.

It is also practical activity to preserve and promote national cultural values, foster dignity and nobility of Vietnamese people. It also enhances patriotism and love for socialist regime. This event also contribute effort in building aesthetic traditions and customs awareness and constructing cultural families so that culture can be the driving force for the country’s economic development.

The dialogue is also an opportunity to strengthen the promotion and propagation for the Culture- Tourism Village of Vietnamese Ethnic Groups and Vietnamese ethnic culture day in order to attract potential businesses (other than state budget only) for the construction of Vietnam cultural village for ethnic and tourism.

The main content of the discussion revolved around the following issues: The importance of the construction and development of business culture; Identify the impact of Vietnamese cultural values ​​ on business operations; The necessity to apply and exploit the Vietnamese cultural values ​​in business; Manipulating and exploitation national cultural values ​​on business throughout history; The challenge of Vietnamese cultural values in front of the integration and globalization; And proposed solutions to promote Vietnamese cultural values ​​in the business, ect.

Translated by Hien Le (Source: Cinet)

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