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17:34 | 20/11/2013

 Exciting cultural and artistic activities at “Village”

(LVH) - On 19th November 2013, in the framework of “Great National Solidarity - Vietnam Cultural Heritage Week” at the Vietam Cultural Village of Ethnic Culture and Tourism (Dong Mo, Son Tay, Hanoi), the cultural and artistic activities bold of national identity was held with the participation of majority of visitors and tourists.

Cam Muong Festival reappeared by the Lu ethnic community from Nam Tam commune, Sin Ho district, Lai Chau province opened the series of cultural activities on 19th November 2013 at Village. This was a traditional festival preserved almost intact and very sacred of Lu People in Lai Chau.
At the space of Gia Rai ethnic village, the Village zone II, Gia Rai ethnic community from Ne village, Ia To commune, Chu Prong district, Gia Lai province had organized folks with traditional instruments such as Gong, To rung herd, Krong Put, wind chimes etc.
Next, the program of ethnic solidarity exchange and the performances of Viet Bac Folk song and dance theatre took place at Ethnic village Zone II.
These cultural activities of ethnic communities in the "Village" had created a charismatic atmosphere. Through these activities, the cultural identity of the Vietnam ethnic communities had been introduced very lively. The Vietnamese ethnic communities had the opportunity to better understand the culture and traditions of the ethnic minorities, thereby, enhancing exchanges, understanding and solidarity between people. On the other hand, this was also a chance for the cultural identity of Vietnamese ethnic minority communities to be honored and introduced to the international friends.

Here are some images:


The performance of Gia rai ethnic community at the space of Gia rai ethnic village, Zone II


Tourists and visitors participated in the program at the space of Gia rai people, Zone II


Reappearing the end of brotherhood making ceremony of M'nông and E de  at the Square of Zone II


Numerous people and visitors participated in the exchange program of ethnic groups at the Square of Zone II


The act of art in the program of Viet Bac Folk song and dance Theatre at the Square of Zone II


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