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11:49 | 22/11/2013

 Some images of preparatory tasks for the Inauguration ceremony of Khmer temple population

By the end of 22nd November 2013, the preparatory tasks for the inauguration ceremony of Khmer temple population continued to be accelerated with an urgent, thorough and thoughtful spirit to ensure that the organization of the Inauguration Ceremony would take place smoothly and formally. Here were some images: 


Monks and Khmer people took stones wrapped in cloth to the hall


In the opinion of Khmer people, only when the ritual of burying stones into holes and filling back was finished, the temple could have a sacred significance 


Put the stones into Say ma hole in the hall 


Monks and Khmer people put the stones to prepare for the Inauguration ceremony


Continue preparing the offerings, decorative and the facilities for the rituals inside the Hall 




Monks arranged and displayed the book shelves at Sa La


Monks visited the temple and prepared some works relating to the Ceremony


Monks from Tra Vinh, Soc Trang province took photograph with the leadership of Tra Vinh Department of Culture, Sport and Tourism in front of Khmer temple population


The main temple were ready for the inauguration ceremony tomorrow (23/11/2013)

 H. Huyen - Thuy Nga

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