15:39 | 18/07/2013

Building Hoa ethnic area at “Village”

Located on the west of the ethnic village IV- being the reproduction of specific cultural space, and tradition of the Kinh, Hoa, Ngai, San Diu at Vietnam national Village for Ethnic Culture and Tourism. The area of Hoa ethnic group is the important point in the general village IV, with typical constructions such as the streets, temples, gates, marina,... especially the streets of House of Hoa people where reappear living space and showing characteristics of traditional culture at “Common House” of Vietnam ethnic groups

Built in 2011, with the estimated area of over 10 thousand square meters, up to now, 2013, Houses of Hoa people have improved gradually, the interior decoration progress of building is pushing.

Here are some photos taken 07/2013


 Houses of Hoa people are being built in Vietnam national Village for Ethnic Culture and Tourism



 Houses of Hoa people are being built at the "Village" - where expresses residents activities creates a densely populated area and brings special characteristic of Hoa ethnic group



 Houses of Hoa ethnic people famous for the style of one or two floors, with yin and yang roofs.



 Houses have the structure of wood frame, brick wall, some spaces and doors.



 Doors connect with the spaces having traditional elements ...



 Wooden staircase



 Water well



 And decorator design pattern, having specific characteristic of Hoa people.



Article and photo: H.Huyen

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