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Visiting some villages at the area of Truong Son- Tay Nguyen at the “Common House”

At the whole area of Vietnam national Village for Ethnic Culture and Tourism , the area of Ethnic village II and villages at the area of Truong Son-Tay Nguyen including Bana,Bru-Van Kieu, Chut, Ta Oi, Ma, M'nong, X'tieng, Xo Dang, Brau, Gie Trieng, Ro Mam, Co Ho, H're, Gia rai, Cor, Ma, Raglai and E de.

The common feature of the village area is that the entire space of villages with houses, communal houses or charnel-house , barn ... are made of bamboo or leaves of Neohouzeaua - the raw materials available in nature. Being special and typical characteristic of natural scence: turn aroud and high mountain area, the mountain area of Truong Son, North Central and Central Highlands, eitheen villages, 18 villages, spreading over 13.5 hectares of land strip where the compatriots of various ethnic groups of language family Mon-Kho me and Nam Dao liv , this is attractive destination for who enjoy discovering original feature of long house, very high communal house and mysterious charnel-house, etc.

Here are some beautiful landscape’s pictures of Truong Son-Tay Nguyen. Which are snapped in June and July, 2013:


 A corner of Tay Nguyen village at Vietnam national village for Ethnic Tourism – Culture (this picture snapped in 02/2013)




 The road to visit The "Village", along two roadsides with the lush green of the palm, plants, flowers and leaves, etc






 Communal Houses, Long Houses beautify for green space covering” village.



 Every day, “Common House” opens its door to welcome visitors coming here to do sightseeing and learning the history and culture of “Village”, etc



 Tourist revels in discovering and taking some commemorative photos at Village which is the usual image here. Visitors enjoy learning and taking photos in the village



 Original Moong House of Co Tu people



 Peaceful and pure Village of Ta Oi people



 The village of Xo Dang overwhelmed the yellow of flowers, the green of the palm, etc



 The purple flowers, hibiscus lines adorn the beauty of landscape space
Around Xo Dang communal house



 Xtieng house on green grass cover, etc



 Reeded House with growing reeds



 E De village with pure and fresh air, etc



 Gia rai village welcomes visitors by the beautiful landscape of “village” surrounded by the red color of Rong flowers



 Mysterious Charnel- House of Gia lai village, etc


 ...or status with different expressive nuances around the Charnel-House of Gia rai ethnic group


 These images are often seen while visiting Village, these are commemorative photos taken by visitors at the "Village", on the roadsides with a lot of trees, grass on ethnic village’s space

Article and photo: H.huyen

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