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Gallery – Exhibition hall

Gallery – Exhibition hall of objects of Vietnam National Village for Ethnic Culture and Tourism is located in Tay Nguyen Square.

A corner of Gallery – Exhibition hall

It exhibits some objects of ethnic communities living and participating in activities at Vietnam National Village for Ethnic Culture and Tourism, the objects attached to the lives of the people have been offered to Village of culture...

The objects of some communities participating in activities and offering them to Vietnam National Village for Ethnic Culture and Tourism.

This is a showroom of 21 Spratly Island stones with the slogan: the community of ethnics always thinks of Spratly Islands. 21 Spratly Islands stones in the exhibition hall are exhibited according to 5 island groups: Song Tu-An Bang Group, Sinh Ton Group, 2 small groups of Truong Sa and Nam Yet.

Stones from Sinh Ton Island group

According to Spratly Island soldiers’ words on the date when 21 stones were awarded to officers and staff of Management Board of Vietnam National Village for Ethnic Culture and Tourism (November 28, 2011) as well as the intimate sharing of the soldiers with Vietnamese ethnic communities participating in activities of the "Village", these 21 stones are located on 21 islands and 33 troop locations on the scope of Spratly Islands belonging to Vietnam's territory. It is about 305 nautical miles from Spratly Island to Vung Tau and its area is 198.964 km2 in the middle of the South China Sea. There are totally over 100 troop locations at the Spratly Islands most of which Vietnam has held. In thousands of islands of Vietnam, there is only a "semi-submersible and semi-sinkable" island in Spratly Islands named "Phan Vinh" which is the name of the captain of C325 legendary vessel. In 1967, he commanded the fleet to pass over Ho Chi Minh City trail in sea to transport military weapons for the South battlegrounds and he died bravely when he was 35 years old; however, his death has become immortal and his name has become the name of the island - Phan Vinh Island.

The soldiers of High Command of Navy visited Gallery-Exhibition hall.

Spratly island groups are displayed at the exhibition hall along with cultural products of the ethnic groups to present solidarity of the army and people and prove the truth: Vietnam is one, Vietnamese people is one.

Mong Sen (Photo: DK)

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