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Tay Nguyen Square

Tay Nguyen Square is located in ethnic villages II, Vietnam National Village of Ethnic Culture and Tourism. 

Tay Nguyen Square - the venue for events and cultural activities. Photo: VH

Located in the central area of the Ethnic Villages II in which the main direction is Dong Mo Lake, the left is Gie Trieng ethnic village and the right is X’tieng ethnic village and the village of Giarai ethnic group with the high communal house representing the ethnic villages in Tay Nguyen.

One part of Tay Nguyen Square. Photo: TTD

Tay Nguyen Square is designed in a hollow shape; the stage is designed in the shape of the circle of the copper drum which can have space for about 1,000 people. Inside the podium is the place for exhibition – gallery and keeping and displaying the artifacts of the ethnic communities. Tay Nguyen Square is a place of cultural exchange between ethnic communities while engaged in regular activities at the Vietnam National Village of Ethnic Culture and Tourism. This is also the venue for many events, the festival of Vietnam National Village of Ethnic Culture and Tourism.


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