About us- Organization structure

Positions, functions, duties, rights and organization mechanism of Viet Village Magazine

► Positions, functions
1. Viet Village Magazine is the professional body directly under of Management Board of Vietnam national Village for Ethnic Culture and Tourism, having a function to study information about culture, nationality and tourism; propagandize, popularize lines and policies of Vietnamese Communist Party and law in accordance with the assigned functions, duties.

2. Viet Village Magazine has legal personality, seal, account at the state treasury and bank.

► Duties, rights
Viet Village Magazine has duties and rights as follows:
Present General Director annual and long-term programs, action plans of Viet Village Magazine and implement them after approval;

1. Edit, publish and release Viet Village Magazine and other publications under operation license, regulations of the law on press;

2. Inform and communicate line of the Party, policies and laws of the State and the directions of General Director about management and operation of Management Board of Vietnam national Village for Ethnic Culture and Tourism;

3. Inform and communicate national culture researches of Sector of Culture, Sports and Tourism;

4. Research, introduce, edit, translate, publish research works, collection, argument collection academic criticism in the field of oversea and Vietnam national cultures under the regulation of law;

5. Organize service activities and culture, tourism activities, other social activities in accordance with the law;

6. Manage organization, workforce, records, documents, implement policies, regimes for employees, contracted labourers in accordance with the law and General Director’s decentralization of the head;

7. Manage finance, properties and other sources in accordance with the law;

8. Implement other duties assigned General Director.

► Apparatus organization mechanism
1. Viet Village magazine has editor-in-chief and deputy editor.

Editor-in-chief or of Viet Village Magazine appointed, dismissed by General Director. Deputy editor. Chief accountant appointed, dismissed according to the editor-in-chief’s proposal. Chief, Deputy of Departments, professional departments appointed, dismissed under General Director’s decentralization.

Editor-in-chief manages Magazine in all aspects, is responsible before General Director and before law for the content and activities of Magazine under the law’s regulation at this Decision.

Deputy editor helps Editor-in-chief direct Magazine’s activities and take the assigned responsibility.

2. Professional Offices, Departments:
a. Management Department
b. Editorial Department
c. Electronic Magazine Office

3. Editor-in-chief of Viet Village Magazine regulates function, duties, rights of Professional Offices, Departments; Arrange employees under title structure, professional standards; Build and promulgates working by-laws of Viet Village Magazine.

(Quoted according to the Decision No.: 314/2009/QĐ-LVH on December 02nd, 2009 of Management Board of Vietnam national Village for Ethnic Culture and Tourism)


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