The Village- General introduction

Ethnic villages area – Overview

With the area of 198.61 ha, located in the middle of Northern peninsular of Vietnam national Village for Ethnic Culture and Tourism on the area with high mountain, valley, water surface, copious terrain, showing distribution of ethnic villages spread over all the country. Ethnic villages were built into the population to reappear their villages structure and hamlets of the Vietnamese ethnic groups with folk planning and architecture in order to introduce, preserve, and develop traditional cultural values of 54 Vietnamese ethnic groups community.
The ethnic villages are includes 04 clusters:
► Ethnic villages cluster I (Village area I): comprises of cultural works and special feature landscape of 28 ethnic villages of highlands, valleys, midlands under the North Vietnam, Northwest and North Central language with Tay-Thai, Tang-Mien, Hmong - Dao, Viet-Muong, Ka - Dai: Lo Lo, Pu Peo, Ha Nhi, Muong, Hmong, Dao, Thai, Kho Mu, West, Cong, La Hu, Phu La, Si La, Bo Y, Giay, Lao, Lu, Nung, San Chay, Khang, O du, Xinh Mun, Pa Then, Co Lao, Lao Chi, La Ha, Tho.
► Ethnic villages cluster II (Village Area II): includes cultural works and landscapes of 18 ethnic village at highlands, hills under the North Central, Truong Son, Highlands cultural region with Mon-Khmer, Nam Dao language: Ba na, Bru-Van Kieu, Ta oi, Mnong, Ma, Sister Xo dang, Gie Trieng, Xtieng, Ro Mam, Hre, Co ho, Co, Raglai, Giarai, Ede, Co tu, Brau, Chut.
► Ethnic villages cluster III (Village area III): composes of ethnic groups residing at half-mountains, highlands, hills, river basin (Central, Southern Highlands and Southern cultural area) under Mon-Khmer and Nam Dao language: Cham, Khmer, Cho ro, Chu ru.
► Ethnic villages cluster IV (Village Zone IV): includes cultural works and landscapes of multicultural ethnic groups, residing at half-mountain, hills, plains, coastal, river bank, the towntownships in different cultural areas such as: Kinh, Hoa, Ngai, San Diu under Han, Viet – Muong language.


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