General Introduction

Vietnam national Village for Ethnic Culture and Tourism includes functional areas: Ethnic village areas, the world's cultural heritage, Center for culture and entertainment, Marina area, Services area, Tourism area, General tourism area, Dong Mo lake water surface, green trees Area, Office management area.

► Ethnic villages area:

Space diagram of Ethnic group area

With the area of 198,61 ha, located in the middle of Northern peninsular of Vietnam national Village for Ethnic Culture and Tourism. Construction area with high mountain, valley, water surface, copious terrain, shows distribution of ethnic villages spreading over all the country. Ethnic villages were built into the population to reappear their village structure and hamlets of the Vietnamese ethnic groups with folk planning and architecture in order to preserve, develop and introduce traditional cultural values of 54 Vietnamese ethnic groups community.
Ethnic villages area include 04 clusters:
- Ethnic villages cluster I: includes cultural works and special features landscape of 28 highland ethnic groups, valleys, midlands under the cultural regions of North West and North Central mountain with Tay-Thai language, Tang-Mien, Mong – Dao, Viet – Muong, Ka – Dai.
- Ethnic Villages cluster II: express the cultural works and landscapes of 18 highlands, hills under ethnic groups at North Central, Truong Son, Highlands cultural areas with Mon-Khmer, Nam Dao language.
- Ethnic Villages cluster III: express Cham, Khmer, straight, Chu Ru ethnic groups residing in the areas with half-mountain landscape, highlands, hills, river basin (the Central culture, Southern Highlands and Southern) with Mon-Khmer and Nam Dao language.
- Ethnic Village cluster IV: includes cultural works and landscapes of 4 multicultural ethnic groups, residing in many areas as half-mountain landscape, hills, plains, coastal, river basins, towns under many various cultural areas as Kinh, Hoa, Ngai, San Diu with Han, Viet - Muong language.
► The world's cultural heritage area:
With the area of 46.50 ha, this is a re-population reappearing architectural cultures zoomed out such as the Great Wall, Effen, Pyramids ... and a lively cultural center to introduce the special cultural heritage of the world civilization.
► Center for culture and entertainment:

With the area of 125,22 ha, located in the central, beautiful terrain, spreading over the range of hills intermixed with Dong Mo lake water surface, connected to the main gate and functional area, this is the center for cultural activities, sports, multi-functional entertainment and but with bold ethnic culture. The expected items include the park (royal park garden, bird garden, butterfly garden, aquarium, etc.); folk cuisine; modern cuisine; sports center; center for resort and health; center for business and services; exciting games area; public stage area, theater, galleries, cinema, etc.
► General tourism, services area:
With the area of 138,89 ha, is a complex area of general tourism services, sports with large-scale sports to effectively exploit the natural landscape space, increase the attractiveness of the project, attract development investment.
► Marina area:
With the area of 341.53 ha including: 310.04 ha of Dong Mo lake water surface, green trees and 31.49 ha of water surface, this is tourism service area, where it is organized sightseeing activities, sports, travel, and services associated with Dong Mo lake water surface and port B of the Cultural Village.
► Green water surface Area of Dong Mo Lake:
With the area of 600,9 ha, this is landscape space, Dong Mo lake water surface, green trees used to exploit to develop some ecotourism activities appropriate to increase attractiveness of the landscape, the trees, Dong Mo lake water lake for environmental preservation and sustainable tourism development.
►Office management area:
With the area of 78.5ha, office management area including office, central management area; public service area of management board staff;
Accommodation of ethnic minorities over the country to participate in activities at Cultural Village where welcome domestic and foreign delegations to visit.