The Village- General introduction

Ethnic villages area III

Under Vietnam national Village for Ethnic Culture and Tourism, ethnic villages III with total area of 14.91 ha, is the area reappearing ethnic villages under the South Central region, Southern, including main works mainly in four ethnic villages: Cham, Khmer, Cho Ro, Chu ru. 12 architectural works under the ethnic villages III characterized architecture by stilts, wooden pillars, bugle, thatch roofs, leaf roofs and besides the houses where there are ancillary buildings for family life: 02 houses, Cham ethnic village in Ninh Thuan including: 02 houses, 01 kitchen, 01 coop, Khmer ethnic village including: 02 houses, Chu ru ethnic village including: 02 houses, Cho ro ethnic village including: 02 houses.
In addition, ethnic villages area III also have ancillary works such as gate, welcome services, exhibition management and administration house, resort services house, scientific research house, landscape storey, green trees, landscape works.
In the overall ethnic village III, the Cham Tower is the most important because it is a symbol of the culture and religion of the Cham people and is one of the highlights of the village III, which plays an important role in main architectural space. The next is Khmer temple, is also a highlight of the overall ethnic villages area III.
Below are some pictures of works under the ethnic villages area III:


 A corner of the ethnic villages area III



 Gate of the ethnic villages area III



 Exhibition management and administration house of the ethnic villages area III



 Cham Tower Population



 The area Cham Tower yard was being completed (8/2012)



 Cham people’s Stilt house at An Giang



 A corner of Cham people’s village area at Ninh Thuan



 Sanctum at the Khmer temple area was being completed (8/2012)



 Khmer people’s house



 Khmer people’s house



 Chu Ru people’s house



 Cho Ro people’s house



Service house for resort, scientific research



 Landscaoe storey was being completed (8/2012)


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