Investment Promotion- Introducing projects

General tourism services area


► Area: 138,89 ha

►Location: As a functional area with the largest area of the project. The landscape includes forest, hills and large accessible surface.

► Purpose to call for investment: Building the service works to serve tourism, culture, sport, commerce, resort, exhibition,… in the synchronous direction and human ecology with the organic association of culture, sport and tourism to exploit the natural landscape space effectively.

The items are called for investment:
- Information centre and tour guide.
- Commercial-cultural complex: exhibition of cultural regions, combined with the introduction to trade villages.
- Exchange area for community living: holding the community activities, cultural and sport events and traditional arts.
- Commercial area: selling and introducing goods to tourists.
- Main restaurant: Eating and drinking area with a lot of regional special foods.
- Exhibition, museum on the theme: Implementing exhibition activities or displaying documents of celebrities, historical events or special culture of Vietnam on the particular seminars.
- Lakeside hotels: Building hotels to serve tourists
- Travel service centre: Providing necessary services for tourists.


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