Investment Promotion- Introducing projects

 World cultural heritage

► Area: 46,50 ha

► Location: The Centre of Vietnam National Village for Ethnic Culture and Tourism, Dong Mo Lake is bounded by it in the North, East and West. The South is the Villages of Ethnics.

► Purpose to call for investment: Creating the population of miniature architectural works in order to retrace and introduce featured cultural heritage of world civilizations such as: Great Wall, Eiffel Tower, Pyramid of Egypt, Hanging Gardens of Babylon, etc. In addition, there are more support works in order to ensure harmony of landscape, water surface, tree with international cultural aspect.

The items are called for investment, including:
- World cultural heritage square;
- The cultural heritage of Asia, Europe, United State and Australia;
- Exhibition of world flower;
- Center for Cultural Research and Understanding;
- Technical and ecological park;
- Resort;
- Marina area.


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