Investment Promotion- Introducing projects

Culture and entertainment area 

►Area: 125,22 ha

►Location: Located in the centre of Vietnam National Village for Ethnic Culture and Tourism, connected to the main gate and functional areas.

►Purpose to call for investment: Creating an activity centre of culture, sport, modern and multifunctional park with the deep national culture..

The estimated items:
- The entrance with the area of 7,1 ha includes: entrance, ticket office, information, service shop for customers.
- Cultural area with the area of 22,89 ha includes: symbol area, nature museum, centre square, common house and a large fountain.
- Sport area with the area of 11,535 ha include: interesting and thrilling games, sport ground, golf.
- Entertainment area with the area of 41,855 ha includes: rehabilitation area, miraculous leisure centre, promenade road and trees, technical infrastructure, railroad tracks.
- Auxiliary functional area with the area of 41,84 ha includes: intake, parking, trees in buffer zone and centre lake.


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