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Proper Name: San Chay
Other name: Hon Ban, Chung, Trai...
Local Group: Cao Lan and San Chi
Population: 147,315 people (General Statistics Office in 2009)
Language and Writing: Cao Lan language is under Tay Thai language group (Thai-Kadai language system) while San Chi is under Chinese language group(Chinese Tibet language system). Many San Chay people can use Chinese.
Place of residence: The San Chay mainly concentrates on the northeast of the northern provinces such as Tuyen Quang, Thai Nguyen, Bac Giang, scatters in the provinces of Quang Ninh, Cao Bang, Lang Son.
Historical Origin: The San Chay emigrated from China about 400 years ago.
Economic characteristics: As residents of agriculture and farming, upland cultivation still have a large role in the economic life and mode of farming by poking down the hole and nut spreading still exist until now.
Customs and habits
Way of Eating: The San Chay mainly has ordinary meal. Alcohol is used a lot, especially during the New Year and holidays. Men often smoke rustic tobaco. Women chew betel.
Way of living: stilt house, wall covering the ground, seeing from far, it looks like a land house.
Marriage: In San Chay's family, the father is the landlord. Although groom’s family hold the weeding, after wedding, the bride may live with her parents, sometimes goes through her husband’s house, until her pregnancy, she will live completely with her husband.
Funeral Issues: funeral is presided by sorcerer including many rituals deeply influenced by Taoism and Buddhism. Especially, burying house is made meticulously and beautifully.
Belief: The San Chay worships ancestor and it is influenced by Buddhism. The most common worship is Emperor worship, Nanhua Buddhist, Kitchen Gods.
Costume: Currently, the San Chay’s costume usually likes Kinh or Tay. Everyday, San Chay women wear indigo skirts and long decorated shirt with only a indigo belt, but in the New Year and holidays they uses 2-3 silk belts with many different colors.
Cultural life: they have many tales, poetry, traditional songs, rhymes, proverbs, proverb. Especially “Sinh Songs” is the most attractive art form of the San Chay. The San Chay dances are: drum dance, shrimp scooping dance, birds dance, fish stabbing dance, lighting dance ... Musical instruments are also plentiful, including some kinds of cymbals, gongs, drums, bells, trumpets ...

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