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11:57 | 15/11/2012

Nang Han festival – The cultural beauty of Thai ethnic group in Lai Chau

Thai girls are bright in “com” dress to play “nem con”, kick a shuttle cock, and tug of war. The energetic boys walk on stilts, kick a shuttle cock and catch fish. The guests who join in the last day will enjoy the specialties of Thai people with the famous state of Tay Bac.

It is the images and activities happening in Nang Han festival in Muong So commune, Phong Tho district, Lai Chau province

Nang Han festival honors the the heroine who deserves credit for driving invaders away and is held to show gratitude to Nang Han and pray for the property, peaceful life and good crops in the whole village.
According to the legend, Nang Han came from the Thai poor family in Chieng Sa (now Muong So commune, Phong Tho district, Lai Chau province). She disguised herself as a man and call for the youth in village to fight. She leaded the revolt of 16 Thai people groups to defeat the invaders in the North. After making a victory, she washed up at Tay An small pond (Muong So commune) and flew into the sky. Since then to commemorate her gratitude, villagers built the temple for her and held the festival at that small pond. 
Since 2008, the cultural sector of Lai Chau province has given a policy to recover Nang Han festival after 60 years forgotten. Annually on February 15, in Tay An village, Muong So commune, Thai people rejoice to hold the festival. On that day, villagers carry a thurible, flower, agricultural products and food created by themselve. In addition, there are also many unique art activities such as dances with Thai characters integrating with the sound of Tinh tau. 

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