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15:16 | 14/03/2013

Passionate with Long Tong Festival of the ethnic people

(LVH) - On 1 February, 2012, "Viet Bac windy Capital " Dinh Hoa (Thai Nguyen) opened the Long Tong festival of the ethnic groups of Tay, Dao and San Chay. Thousands of people gathered on stadium of Deo De hamlet, Phu Dinh commune, Dinh Hoa district (Thai Nguyen) to participate in the festival.

Long Tong Festival also known as the festival down to field is held immediately after the Lunar New Year in order that ethnic people here express their gratitude to the earth, sky, gods and earth spirits for villagers’ lush crops, good weather, peaceful life and praying for a new year with many good things.
Long Tong Festival will take place for 3 consecutive days with various lively activities with full of Viet Bac ethnic character such as the competition of camping, tugging, glutinous rice pounding, national costume.

Mê mẩn với Lễ hội Lồng Tồng của người dân tộc

Long Tong Festival in the " Windy capital” will take place in 3 days.


According to the organizers, the festival has the participation of 32 units from 24 communes, towns and representatives of agencies, government departments, and local schools in Dinh Hoa.
This is the 10th year; the Long Tong Festival has been organized by Thai Nguyen provincial People’ Committee and General Directorate of Tourism to preserve and promote traditional cultural values.

Mê mẩn với Lễ hội Lồng Tồng của người dân tộc

The ceremony was implemented in solemn atmosphere with full of cultural character of the ethnic groups

At the festival, visitors witness the rituals of praying for rain of the Tay, ceremony down to field, ceremony to pray for harvest of the San Chay and ceremony to pray for happiness of the Dao.
The Pu mo (shaman) with colorful costumes offer 9 trays with full of five colors representing for color of sky, earth, animals – express people’s devotion and gratitude to spirits.
Sacrificed trays include boiled roosters, lean pork, boiled eggs, some cakes made ​​of rice, corn, five color sticky rice (in which red sticky rice symbolizes the sun, yellow symbolizes the moon), a swallow bird carrying the symbol of spring made of red paper.
Many trays also include images of the buffalo, the yellow ears of rice, a pair of golden fish ... expressing the desire on lush crops life and prosperous life. Moreover, there are some kinds of cake made ​​of wheat and corn, such as “che lam” cake or rice crispies...
The sacrificed trays in turn are given to start the ceremony to pray for harvest. Shaman implements every ritual of praying the God, giving thanks to spirits, praying for peaceful and prosperous nation and a year of good weather, lush crops for people.

Mê mẩn với Lễ hội Lồng Tồng của người dân tộc

The most important part of the festival is the ritual down to field.

After the ceremony, it is the ritual “down to field" - the most important part of the Long Tong Festival. A big and strong buffalo is tied with a yoke and a local farmer draws a furrow to open for farming at the beginning of the year because according to tradition, after this festive, every family will start their new farming

Mê mẩn với Lễ hội Lồng Tồng của người dân tộc

The contest of quick transplanting attracts more participants to bring engrossed labor spirit for the whole New Year.

Along with the spring plowing, quick transplanting contest is held on other field. Many ethnic women participate in the competition, not just hope of winning award, but joy to open for a year of an enthusiastic labor and production.
Throwing festival takes place on the yard also attracting thousands of residents and visitors. A young apricot tree of 15m high is raised in the middle of yard, on top of the tree, a cycle of 60cm circle is curved with the label of Sun – Moon letter, symbolizing the moon and the sun.

Mê mẩn với Lễ hội Lồng Tồng của người dân tộc

Ball throwing Contest in Long Tong Festival always attracts the most participants

On a different playing field, everyone together sees puppet show, retracing scenes of the Tay’s production and daily life activities. Mixing with this contest is “then” singing tunes along with the “tinh” guitar sound of Tay’s girls ...
The Tay considers that through then singing tunes, people’s prayers will come up to blue sky.

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