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10:40 | 12/03/2012

Person found out Cham H'Roi Script

Over the past 4 years, in Phu Yen there is a person quietly seeking Cham H'Roi script. He is Ka So Lieng, a folklore researcher in Ea Cha Rang commune, Son Hoa district.

As deputy director of Department of Culture - Information (now as Phu Yen Department of Culture - Sports and Tourism), owning a large house with full of facilities in Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street, Tuy Hoa City, after his retirement, suddenly, Mr. Ka So Lieng gave this house to his daughter and took his wife to highland commune of Ea Cha Rang, Son Hoa district to build up a house for settlement.
Go to the jungle to find ...script
Many people are just regretted for his building in Tuy Hoa and worried about difficult life in the forest mountain so they advised him to re-think. But he only laughed: "I am a Cham H'Roi person who is familiar with the upland cultivation. Up here we have fields to farm ". He also cultivated with a more than 5 ha farm, planting everything as bananas, grapefruit, pineapple ... green as a forest. Many people wonder that he planted trees for what purpose at the age of 79 when the children had grown up and far away? Only those who are close to him, understand why he lived in this highland commune. "Studying on the culture of ethnic minorities can only be implemented by living with local people" he said. 

Ông Ka Sô Liễng (trái) dạy chữ Chăm H’Roi do mình sáng chế cho người biên dịch, phát thanh viên của chương trình phát thanh tiếng Chăm H’Roi

As a student of the teacher and the writer Ede Y Dieng, Mr. Ka So Lieng always wonders with the question: Why do Cham H'Roi people not have their own script? At the time in office, on the process of collecting and studying the culture of ethnic minorities in Phu Yen, he must borrow Ede script to transcribe folk songs and stories told by Cham H'Roi artists.
From learned Ede letter, basing on the Latin alphabet, he began to explore and create out the Cham H'Roi script. Close to the age of 80, "legs are trembled, eyes are blurred," but with brocade bag, he still travel a lot in the Cham H'Roi villages. He recorded the stories and epics in Cham H'Roi language created by him, then re-read for the elder’s verification. So he went, he wrote, then verified ... The whole autumnal lifetime is the endless trips to the remote villages, immersing in the distant memories of the Cham people.
Village elder So Minh Thu in Ha Rai Hamlet, Xuan Lanh commune, Dong Xuan district, when talking about Mr.Ka So Lieng praised: "We admired him too much. He made his great effort to create Cham H'Roi script for our group. WE must tell our children to learn Cham H'Roi language ". Moreover, Ma Trang, Vice Chairman of Tan Phuoc commune People’s Committee, Son Hoa district the most remote commune of Phu Yen province, confided: " Cham H'Roi Village has taken deep gratitude to Mr. Lieng. He not only collected to save the culture of the Cham H'Roi, also created our Cham people’s script ... ".
Teach for the villagers
In June 2010, his Cham H'Roi script set was basically completed. A few days later, he began teaching for people in Ea Cha Rang commune. Under Lieng teacher’s enthusiastic instruction, only in some days, villagers was able to write simple sentences. Mrs. So Thi Huong (39 years old) in Thong Nhat village, Suoi Trai Commune, Son Hoa district, said excitingly that in spite of old age, we still try to learn our group’s script". To demonstrate, she wrote a sentence right away "this morning, I go to upland farm field to pull up wheat" in Cham H'Roi language, faster than writing Vietnamese.
When realizing that a lot of people were interested in Cham H'Roi language, he started to write books. Some books such as Chi Bri-Chi Brit, the gong sound of HBia Lo Da Hbia Ta Lui-Kalipu, brothers ChuBLung bilingual Vietnamese - Cham was created. 

Sách của ông Ka Sô Liễng in bằng 2 thứ chữ :

Quốc ngữ và Chăm H’Roi

In late 2010, the radio program by Cham H'Roi was allowed to broadcast in local area by Phu Yen provincial People’s Committee 2 times per week. Mr. Lieng was in charge of translator and broadcaster. Early in 2011, he boldly sent Cham H'Roi script created by him to Vietnam Institute of Linguistics for evaluation, with the desire that this script system will be taught for Cham children in the province. "I like the wing nearly back to the mountain then. I wish to hear every Cham village student spelling Cham, if so I am very happy, "- he said with all the expectation of a Cham H'Roi’s child.

Preserving and promoting Cham H'Roi culture
The Cham H'Roi settles in the mountainous districts of 2 provinces of Phu Yen and Binh Dinh, with a population of over 30,000 people. The Cham H'Roi owns a plentiful cultural heritage, but the preservation and promotion of these cultural values has faced a big problem because they do not have their own language.
According to Prof. Dr. Nguyen Van Khang, Deputy Director of Vietnam Institute of Linguistics, the current Cham community in Vietnam is divided into 3 main areas: Cham Ba Ni in Ninh Thuan, Binh Thuan; Southern Cham and Cham H 'Roi in Phu Yen, Binh Dinh. Cham Ba Ni and Southern Cham had their language, except for Cham H'Roi. For ethnic minorities without script, the Party and State will create every favorable conditions to create script for them

Article and photo: Hong Anh
Source: Nguoilaodong






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