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08:57 | 12/03/2012

The Cham positively stores ethnic cultural character

The life of Cham ethnic minorities in Hoa Loc hamlet, Minh Hoa commune, Dau Tieng district today has had many innovations. Life of "integration" and not "dissolving" the nation's cultural character built up for thousands of years. In daily life, weddings, community festivals were still held in accordance with their own procedures and inherent rituals.

Maintain the traditional costume

“Muslim Cham Village", is the name that people call closely for sacred areas where the Cham selected to stop at Minh Hoa. In general, thanks to the proper investment policy of the Party and State, especially of the province, the Cham’s life has had considerable development. In which, we have to mention to the plausible enrichment right on their own land, they knew rubber cultivation and secondary crops ... They had its own church and school to teach Cham language for children. The roads to the Cham village today no longer make people worried because of "sunshine dust and muddy rain" but instead of that are wide concrete roads. However, the typical thing here is that although the Cham "integrated" with the King they still always keeps and preserves ethnic traditional customs. Only living in Hoa Loc hamlet in some days, we understood about the Cham’s culture in daily life, in weddings and community events ... 

trang phục truyền thống cảu đồng bào Chăm

Traditional costumes of the Cham.

The man named A Zit, a local people here, said: "We came to live in Binh Duong for long time, were accessed to many different civilizations of the Kinh, but we still maintain traditional cultural character. Every Friday morning, we come to the church to listen to moral lessons and meet people. We wear traditional dress and skirt at home, or when joining festivals. "
According to our finding, the Cham women's costumes is the harmonious combination between “bit ta” dress, wearing as pullovers which is called as "Aw loah" (with 3 holes) and skirt (tight skirts and open flap ). Open skirt (aban) is wrapped by a cloth sheet, two cloth edges are not sticked together, when wearing, a skirt cloth is grabbed and folded inside to tighten the waist. For tight skirt (khan), the two cloth edges are sewn sickly together under tubular. The Cham skirt has many colors of black, red, blue ... but mostly is black background with many patterns. To create the feminine gentle and flexible features, costume must have headgear with simple pattern. The Cham men usually wear "aw tah" shirt (tunic) and black and white skirt.
Mr. Kho Sanh, teachers for moral and religious subject in Muslims Cham village shared, although life-changing, but each Cham here is still very proud maintaining the nation's cultural character. Future generation will not forget traditional costumes, cultural character; each teaching, I always emphasize on conservation and promotion the nation's cultural character. Preserving cultural character is to keep his own living morality.
Traditional Wedding
At night, the weather turns cold to cover the sunshine and burning in daytime. In the village, wedding will make the atmosphere become more lively and playful. Guitar sound and singing go through the night, the Cham’s songs sound out with Paranung guitar sound vibrantly and melodiously... I suddenly remember the lyrics of the song " Pa ra pa ra nưng, oh drum sound lulls my - Pa ra pa ra nưng, oh drum sound guys, love anyone love anyone and wait”, we can not leave for, then along with guitar rhythm, singing and dancing of the Cham girls we "try" to join a Cham’s

The Cham’s wedding ceremony

According to the dignitaries of the village, Cham boys and girls who want to marry must have matchmakers. Parents of boys will find out and ask for help from the elder – a representative of boys’ family to speak with girls’ family. However, in fact, they have the right to learn and speak before meeting ceremony. Once approved, the “word ending” ceremony will be implemented, it means that everything was agreed. "The Cham wedding customs need the parents' matchmaker in accordance with the style that children must sit the place where parents chose", however, if getting married without understanding about each other will be not happy, they can not live with each other for long time. Therefore, in wedding customs, the Cham had the innovation, but not much. If two families are satisfactory, they agree matchmaking, but they must let the children learn about each other. If boys and girls find it suitable, wedding will be carried out. During the wedding, every customs and habits will take place as usual, "Mr. Kho Sanh said.
In the wedding day, the bride was makeup stunningly in accordance with red velvet robe without rip on hips; hair and two ears are pinned with flowers, brooches and jewelry. The wedding takes place in 3 days. The first day is meeting day in the family and making cakes; wedding cakes includes three types: cake ha bum (flan), tapaikagah, gti kling (three hole cake) and beef curry rice dish. The second day is” seating on bench" (bed), each representative from boy and girl’s family will read the praying words for the bride and groom living in peace, happiness, and then they invite the villagers for meal. The third day is "taking groom", groom along with groom’s family group will come to bride’s family.. A groom hand is tied with a head of handkerchief; the other is brought by a person. After coming to bride’s house, groom and groom's family group and bride’s family implement the ceremony then sit around each other to transfer by hand and watch the wedding presents. Then people together read the bible and pray for the young couple.
Mr. Bui Dinh Phuc, in charge of culture - information in Minh Hoa commune, said that despite living with the King for a long time, the Cham still remains cultural character. The Cham’s cultural beauty has contributed to enrich the cultural character of Minh Hoa commune in particular and Binh Duong province in general. To promote and preserve the Cham’ traditions, in recent years, the commune organized many cultural programs, the fashion shows of ethnic minorities in the commune area. At the same time, the commune supported travelling and accommodation during the time they participated in the contest organized by the district and province. Thereby, we desire to arouse a sense of responsibility of the Cham people on preserving and promoting cultural beauty from their group’s customs and habits.
The thing always makes us feel happy and warm is the hospitality and warmth of the Cham’s family and community. They are united and love each other, during the days before and in the wedding ... relatives, friends, neighbors, each person also contributes their effort and emotion into wrapping cakes, setting up the wedding booth ... creating community cohesion with full of humane feature. Be happy with the community in the wedding of village boys and girls, I have better understanding and love more the Cham’s culture.

Source: Binh Duong Online Newspaper


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