30/4/2012: Bana people restore baffolo killing ceremony to cerebrate victory at Vietnam national Village for Ethnic Culture and Tourism

(LVH) - In alternating sequence of activities at Vietnam national Village for Ethnic Culture and Tourism, at 9 am on 04/30/2012, Bana communities from Kon Tum restored buffal killing ceremony to cerebrate the victory.

For Bana in particular, indigenous peoples in the Central Highlands in general, play (village) has a very important position, tightly bound, dominated all aspects of every human life. Each member is responsible for the community and vice versa. Individual expelled from the community is the most severe punishment, than death because he is not recognized by community. This is synonymous with the foresaking of god. So comunity festival community is especially important .
Community Festival is held when there are events, large fluctuations, affecting the prosperity and fall of the community. The victory festival is a community festival representing for Bana community.


Gong team goes to each house in play to subscribe offering for Festival

Tet tree was built in the Bahnar village’s midfield, at the foot of the tree, there is a sacrificed buffalo tied availably; drums, gongs and 20 artists from Kon Tum Bahnar community all are ready ... Early 9am, the sun goes up, sunlight spreads everywhere. Attending the festival includes Deputy Head of Management Board of Vietnamese ethnic group Cultural – Tourism Village named Nguyen Dinh Loi along with 20 artists from Ede ethnic communities and many tourists.
At the beginning, the gong team goes to every home to raise food for the festival. For the people, the collected food quantity is much important but they only want to show out each one’s contribution to the community, especially to give thanks and their respectful heart to the gods, sometimes just few chilies, a packet of salt ... gong sound and laughter is heard everywhere, stirring large space of Cultural – Tourism Village of Vietnamese ethnic groups.


The offerings to report to Yang for buffalo thrusting festival to celebrate the victory

After donating, the ritual to ask for Yang’s permission for buffalo thrusting festival to celebrate the victory is held sacredly in the communal house. Beside wine jar and sacrificed cork chicken (including thighs, legs and wings), A village elder named A Thut prays by the Bahnar language, roughly translated: “God of the mountain, god of the water, the god of thunder! Today our villagers slaughter buffalo to celebrate the victory. Thanks to the weapons, shields, spears, swords, against the enemy, machete, knife, drum, the gong, the sacred objects helped us against invaders and won the enemy. We pour on these weapons by buffalo’s blood and spring water as the god told out, expect the gods to give the durable and solid weapons and musical instruments, God please ... ".

cungYang NĐL

Village elder A Thút worhips Yang for implementing the buffalo thrusting festival

Deputy Head of Management Board Nguyen Dinh Loi join the villagers

After worshiping Yang, the gong team, valiant and girls dance around the Tet pole. The powerful sounds resound to tell near and far people about heroic spirit of the Bahnar guys, not to yield before invaders and the dark forces.

The gong team and “xoang” dance to cerebrate the victory

trauhiente muaxoang,congchieng

Sacrificed buffalo




The ritual to spread on buffalo’ head with the desire on the fat buffalo with much meat to sacrifice to Yang and fully divide for villagers is implemented in bustling rhythm of gongs and increasingly hurried and strongly “xoang” rhythm,.
The ritual of thrusting buffalo is still very wild, full of martial spirit only through the symbolic manipulation of hero’s sword dancing attracting near and far villagers to attend. The last ritual is offering buffalo’s head and festival part will be implemented on the afternoon and can last until night.


Tet tree and the gong team in buffalo thrusting festival to celebrate the victory

Numerous tourists attend a ritual, a unique festival, shimmering belief colors but very exciting and close. A vibrant life, full of vitality, no turning back in front of the challenges, severe natural disasters, a martial spirit, Highland people’s strength and pride are shown lively in a traditional festival right in Cultural - Travel Village of Vietnamese ethnic groups.

Article and photo: Hoai Thu