Ba na Village - Some main information

Ba na Village is under the ethnic village area II - Cultural - Tourism Village - Vietnamese ethnic groups

Ba na village’s cultural space which is restored here includes high and low communal house, stilt house, barn and grave along with some objects reflecting the daily life of the villagers..
Some information about Ba na community coming back to participate in regular and alternate activities in Cultural - Tourism Village of Vietnam ethnic groups:
1. In September, 2010, Ba na people (Gia Lai) come back to participate in the activities and in the Opening Ceremony of Cultural - TourismVillage of Vietnamese ethnic groups. They live and restore some festival in Culture – Tourism Village of Vietnamese ethnic groups, typically including:
- Ceremony of victory – to give thanks to the gods and pray the gods to bless villagers
- Ceremony of new rice – to bring rice back to the village.
2. In February, 2011, Ba na people (Kon Tum) come back to live and produce to retrace their living space; the typical festival that they rebuild up is the ceremony up to new home.
3. In January, 2012, the Ba na (Kon Tum) comes back to participate in activities at Cultural - Tourism Village of Vietnamese ethnic groups, restores living space, welcomes the leaders of the Party and State to visit and work in the Cultural - Tourism Village of Vietnamese ethnic groups.