Recreate the wedding ceremony in An Giang at “Village”

   On the date of August 6th 2011, the wedding ceremony of Cham people (An Giang) was organized at the Vietnam National Villages for Ethnic Cultures and Tourism. The wedding re-appeared all the important rituals in the happy day of the Cham people in An Giang nowadays such as: 

- The first day, family meetings to make cakes for wedding ceremony;

- The day “up stair” (bed), two families voluntarily prayer themselves, the representative would read the wishes for happiness, peace to the bride and groom, then offer meals to villagers;

- The third day – “Escort the bridegroom”, the bridegroom family will escort the groom to the bride family to implement the ritual of “shaking hands”. After the completion of “shaking hands” ritual, the bride and bridegroom officially become husband and wife.


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