• General Introduction General Introduction

    Building Vietnam National Village for Ethnic Culture and Tourism into a national center of culture, sports and tourism activities where traditional cultural heritage of 54 Vietnamese ethnics can be kept and exploited; enhancing solidarity, mutual understanding, educating national pride and patriotism of Vietnamese citizens;

  • Recreate the Praying for Rain Festival of Kho Mu Ethnic Group Recreate the Praying for Rain Festival of Kho Mu Ethnic Group

    (LVH) - This morning, 16/11/2015, at Kho Mu ethnic villages, Ethnic villages Zone I, Vietnam National Villages (Dong Mo, Son Tay, Hanoi), Kho Mu Ethnic Group come from Dien Bien province has recreated the Praying for Rain Festival which has been known as agricultural rituals typical of economic life as well as the traditional culture of Kho Mu. This is one of the activities within the framework of the Week of "National Great Solidarity - Vietnam Cultural Heritage" held at the "Village" from November 15 to 23, 2015.

  • Duong Lam ancient Vietnamese village Duong Lam ancient Vietnamese village

    (LVH) – At a about 45km distance from Hanoi, Duong Lam village is the birthplace of King Phung Hung and King Ngo Vuong Ngo Quyen, the hometown of the envoy Giang Van Minh, a prominent diplomat. There are nearly 200 ancient houses built of laterite here. Duong Lam village is considered to be a unique village-a typical village of the midlands in the North of Viet Nam.


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